It’s the little things…a day in the life of a writer

HJ, I want to thank you..thank you for supporting me, and making me want to be a better person, thank you for the love you freely give, and allowing me to be a part of your life. You always tell people that you couldn’t do all that you do if not for me, but I don’t think you understand that without you, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Thank you, thank you for playing the role in my life that you do, for the love you give me on a daily basis, and the warmth you surround me with. Thank you for the home you help me make and share with me our children, grandchild, kittens, and friends. Together we are all family, one which I am forever grateful for.

Every once in a while…(A Day in the life of a writer)

Life has a way of coming full circle and working out. It might not be how WE think it should be or when WE want it to, but it does. And if we are lucky and patient we end up sharing that life with someone that makes us laugh, more than cry, lets us lean on more that lean on us, and supports us through everything.

Final note, if you have someone in your life you feel that way about, know they are a treasure and cherish them.