Complications in life… (A day in the life of a writer)

What makes a character interesting? To me, they have to be real…believable. I once had a review in which the person’s opinion was that the story was unrealistic. I so totally want to defend myself then and well to be honest a part of me still wants to. First off it’s a work of fiction, we read fiction to take us away from everyday life…or at least out of OUR life for a few minutes.

Maybe I’m getting sick…(A day in the life of a writer)

Last week my lovely was again out of town, so I was left to my own devices…scary isn’t it? Not really, I took care of the doggy, (heartgard cuz ya know ya gotta take care of that…) loved on the kitties, (I have to say, I do love when the kitten nestles beside me in the wee hours of the morning and nudge me so that he can lay his head on my arm. Maybe he does love me after all.)