Some things I just can’t believe . . . (A day in the life of a writer)

question-scratching-head There is a saying By John Lydgate that goes ““You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can‘t please all of the people all of the time”.” I’m looking at our country, our world today and thinking that is so very true, and I’m wondering how did we get so far gone that it is normal day discussion on FACEBOOK what to do in case of a nuclear fallout.

Let’s break this down so, and tell me what you think.

In November our country elected to the Presidency of these United States a real estate mogul and T.V. REALITY STAR. He didn’t come to office by way of legislators, state senators,  he has no political background what so ever. Okay he’s gonna make America great again, (by putting up a wall, banning transgender people from serving in the military . . . oh wait I just saw that since we might be on the brink of war there’s gonna be a halt on that ban. And by deporting all the illegals.)

Did you all happen to read the article in TIME magazine in which the RAISE ACT was given space? Now I wanna tell you at first I thought it was a joke, right along with the point system in which one could immigrate to the US should it have a prayer of passing. (YES it’s a real Bill people.  RAISE ACT )  I was born here, in Colorado and according to this bill, I would not be qualified to immigrate, thank God I don’t have. How many of you would qualify? Please let me know, (I’m serious, because this is an experiment.)

Just by reading the questions on the questionnaire one can already see a pattern. High points (10) are given to people 26-30 years of age, (13) if you have a U.S. professional degree or doctorate in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics, (12) points if you are fluent in English. Have a job offer, it better be with a salary of 155,800, (you get 13 points for that.) Have a NOBEL Prize or major international award? Sweet, you get 25 points on that one. How about an Olympic Medal, have you won one in the last 8 years? If so you got 15 points, oh and do you plan on investing money in the United States oh say around 1.8 million dollars worth? Yep that gets you 12 points! AWESOME if you scored at least 30 points, you might qualify to immigrate. One has to be 26-30, HAVE a U.S. professional degree, (which you got how since you aren’t in the U.S. to begin with,) Fluent in English, (which okay I can see happening in say Mexico or oh I don’t know . . . anywhere else that English isn’t the native language?) Have a fantastic job offer a Nobel Prize, a couple of Olympic awards and a couple of million dollars laying around to invest.  Yup, that covers at least half of the people in America right now!

What?? uh, you don’t have Olympic medals or a couple of million dollars to invest here? And you were brought here by your parents when you were 2? Oh that’s okay, because surely you have your papers, as do your parents, and your a citizen so you don’t have to worry. Really . . . your parents never filed for citizenship, because it costs how much to become a citizen?? 725 dollars, oh that’s not that much. I mean it’s 1450 for your mom and dad, and um another 725 for you, oh you have two siblings and they weren’t born here either?   Still that’s not bad, it’s only 3,625 dollars. Oh you’re parent’s work for minimum wage (7.25 an hour if you happen to be in D.C. it’s 12.50.) You all see where I’m going here right?

I am not preaching to the choir, you all know how hard it for a family to make a living, you all know we living in a country that favoring the 1% while the rest of us barely keep our heads above water. Big shock here folks, WE live in a first world country, what does that tell you about the rest of the world? What does it tell us about why people are floating in boats, swimming across rivers, suffering incredible heat in deserts, to get here?

I started this post out with that saying, because while we have all of this happening to the majority of people in this country we also have a section that believes ‘they’ are the ones suffering, they are the ones being marginalized, they are the one’s losing freedoms, their rights.

What would it take to make America great again? How about the believe, and the clear cut actions, that prove ALL are created equal, that ALL, no matter sex, color of skin, sexual orientation, social status, religious background, are treat like humans. That we band together and instead of letting a few narcissistic, egomaniacs, try to show who has the bigger dick, say “WE’VE had enough this isn’t where we want to be and not where we are going to let you drag us to.”

Now that I have that off my chest, I should be getting back to Rayne, or Victoria, or . . . who knows maybe an entire new character, that doesn’t have a narcissistic side, we shall see (wicked laugh)


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