Life’s little challenges, a trip to the dentist… (A day in the life of a writer)

Ugh can it be summer already, I’d even settle for spring! You know warm outside, things starting to turn green, flowers blossoming along with the fruit trees, ah yes that’s what I want. Um maybe, I mean because along with all the warmth and green grass growing, there comes with it the mowing of said grass and the sneezing and watering eyes of those allergies that will be goin on. Then it’s hot, the complaining of it being too hot, the maintenance of the pool…okay so maybe I’m never going to be one hundred percent happy. I do believe though that that is the human condition. We need something be unhappy about. For me today my unhappiness stems from a sore mouth. (Yes I know you’re wondering what my mouth has to do with wanting it to be summer already. Just be patient.)

A couple of weeks ago, I’m in Denver with my love enjoying a nice spinach salad, and pleasant company and while I’m chewing on a leaf of spinach a tooth breaks. (I can’t explain how that would happen with spinach so don’t ask.) Lucky for me it didn’t hurt, just weird you know. Why is it that when you find a cavity in your tooth or a chip or break, your tongue has to constantly be finding it . . . Or does that only happen to me? Anyway, I get home and go see the dentist thinking not a big deal, I’ll get a filling and be good to go. Oh no, it can’t be that simple no why in the world would it be? Can you imagine how thrilled I was to be told I would need a root canal? Yup, I was dancing like Snoopy and the gang at the school dance!

Now I know this will shock you all, but (glancing around to make sure no one hears) I don’t like dentists. I with to school with a guy, who I can only describe as a gentle giant. He was the sweetest, most soft-spoken man I’ve ever mean, wouldn’t hurt a fly. Turns out he became a dentist. A sadist bastard that sticks needles in people’s mouths and drills and yanks teeth out all while asking how you’re doing and smiling. Why is it that they only ask a question when your mouth is opened wide, and their fingers are in it?

Oh and my favorite statement is “Tell me if that hurts,.” So the mere fact that my knuckles are turning white on the arm rests I’ve pulled off the chair while I’m pushing myself up over it, doesn’t give a hint of my discomfort, uh huh. And the ‘You’re gonna feel a little pinch’ line… honey that’s not a small pinch, that a knitting needle shoved in my lip and you probing around with it!

Did I tell you that I got my tooth fixed today? I did, and Y’all will be happy to know that I shouldn’t feel any pain, maybe some soreness around the gum area, but yeah all good to go! Let’s not mention the aching jaws, or the big hole in my cheek from where I bite myself, or the giant wet spot on my shirt because I couldn’t feel if my mouth was closed after taking a drink of water. Yes . . . yes, I love going to see the dentist! (does anyone else think of Steve Martin in that scene from LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS when they hear the word dentist?)

General unhappiness abounds within me today, a sore mouth, an aching body, and I’m done with being cold. I want summer to arrive, so I can bar-be-cue stuff, and sit in the sun, maybe lounge in the pool after I’ve mowed the yard, and trimmed the rose bushes…oh and written a couple of thousand words in the WIP. There I just wrapped it all up in a nice little package. Speaking of WIP’s YEA my newest book should be out the first of MAY WooHOOOO!!!!

Hm, maybe I should get started on another one… ah, a writer’s work is never done.




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