A writer and an activist walk into a bar…

Such an interesting title with the potential of so many jokes! Naa…although.. oh maybe later.

Obviously, I am a writer, and my wife is an activist, (Not her make a living job just so ya know) but an activist none the less. HJ has always been an activist, always one to speak out against injustice, to fight the good fight, for the things that matter to her and are just a given for her as to what is right and wrong.

I, on the other hand, have always felt that while things might be wrong, it isn’t up to me to change it. (Hey now back up Barbie, I see things differently now.) I use words to attempt to get my message across. For me it’s safer, I don’t have to put my face in the fight so to speak. When I was with a previous girlfriend, I attended one protest my very first ever. It was a Sarah Palin protest. I held some sign and hoped and prayed my picture wouldn’t be taken, and that there wouldn’t be a fight where the police showed up and dragged us all off to jail. Yup at the tender age of 45 I was out and proud… well okay I was out there.

Today much to, I can’t decide if it’s my delight or dismay…I am becoming more vocal in the politics of this world. I’ve always cared, just not vocally. Since meeting HJ, her influence has rubbed off.  (Either that or I’ve just gotten old and am pissed off) She has me phone banking and yelling at the t.v. for something other than football games. She has me thinking and reading and talking about things that are happening at local, state, and federal levels. I’d like to say the woman has ruined me. I remember debates coming on the t.v. And me being mad because it was the only thing on all three channels. I remember feeling the same when the elections were being broadcast.

This year, this year I cared the most I ever have, and I’ve been disappointed more than I can remember ever being. My heart aches, with the results of this year’s elections.

I have so many issues with the man we elected as president, and while there is nothing I can do about that, I have two years to fight for what I believe is right and to fight for the small gains won.

I want help in understanding how we went from a country that had a man like JFK as president to a reality t.v. star. From people who believed in the fair treatment of others, that the rules were meant to be obeyed, to a man who thinks he is above them. Okay, let’s talk the elephant in the room. Wait, wait…oh yeah JFK had mistresses…hm. Yup, let’s say the word here CONSENTUAL. The sex in this was consensual. Was it morally right, no, but hey he was human and humans make mistakes. But he still displayed respect for women.

I want to understand this. I want to know how people do not see his business life and his presidency is in conflict. His handling of state affairs with his family member present is a violation of our national security. His use of unsecured cell phones to speak to foreign heads of state is a threat to US. How can we stand here and just go with being told that it is nothing to worry about, that we are not to be concerned?

When someone offers a policeman money of a gift it is considered a bribe, isn’t it the same thing when our president offers rooms in HIS hotel to visiting dignitaries?  Isn’t there a conflict of interest when his children who are now supposed to be running his business sit in meetings with dignitaries from other countries?



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