Why am I scared…

With the election over and done with, I’ve had to take some time and put my thoughts together in an effort to explain to my family why I am so afraid of our new president, and couldn’t in good conscience vote for him.

In the last fifty years, as a nation, we’ve moved to a place where diversity and difference were relatively well accepted. We realized that discrimination is wrong, that a black man or woman isn’t less that a white man or woman, that women are not inferior to men. That LGBT people deserve to be treated with the same respect, have the same basic rights to happiness or not as every straight man or woman in this nation. We understood that assault towards women, is wrong and against the law, that  we are a country founded on religious freedoms, and are made up of every sort of nationality possible.

We teach our children that bullying is wrong. We see the price that is paid when bullying is done.

In the last year, we’ve seen behavior from a man seeking the highest office in our country, that shows he doesn’t care about anything other than his ego. He has stated before that anyone running for the presidency, should be willing and expected to show tax returns. He didn’t. He was under audit he says, funny how his own attorney said there is no law that kept him from that. That is hypocritical to me. When he can stand up and flat out say that he doesn’t pay taxes, because he uses loopholes, which I have to say… would anyone of use get by using loopholes like he does? (reporting a negative income of 406,379 and 3.4 million  avoiding any tax liability for those years, when he claimed to be worth hundreds of millions?) Could any of us do that?

Let’s talk about the fact that he gets his way by bullying, but threatening to sue anyone that spoke badly of him? My nephew who is 4 years old behaves better than he does when he doesn’t get what he wants. Really, “thow em outta here,” ‘someone punch em right in the face will ya,” “I could shot people on Wall Street and not lose votes…”?? ANY of those things said by a normal person and we’d be speaking to the police. This is just a few of the things that I can’t believe we just said we’re okay with. WE JUST TOLD our child is okay.

Now for what scares me…

What scares me for my future, for that of my nephews, my nieces, my grandchildren…this is a man who has the support of the KKK…who now behave as though they have support for their hate. We now have someone who says and does as they please, telling people sure, If your famous you can assault women and hey they don’t care… what happens when any man who feels like it does that, “Uh so the President does it so hey it’s okay’?

I fear that the right to marry someone I love who is the same sex as I am, will be taken from me, that I’m going to wake up some morning and find myself in some camp because I’m a lesbian. It won’t happen…it can’t happen?? Really, I’m sure that’s what some Jews thought before Hitler rounded them up. HJ has the belief that he won’t be able to do everything he has promised, and while I understand that, I’m still afraid that he will do some things that a so very bad for us as a whole. It worries me that Kim Jong Un thinks he’s a good guy. KIM JONG UN you know the guy from North Korea that has his uncle killed, his advisors killed, the guy that starves his people. Putin, what about him??

What about the deportation of people, some who have never known any other country? What it boils down to is a lot of white people got scared and scared them even more…

I’m just…I’m so lost, and I have no words…



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