and so the end is near…(a day in the life of a writer)

Ugh, so once again it has been ages since I’ve posted anything. It just feels like life gets away from me and before I know it months have passed and I have nothing. Okay so that isn’t true, but you all know what I mean.

So let’s see I have posted things about the upcoming election, and the only thing I can say worthwhile about that is it’s almost over. Here’s the thing about it though, while we all get tired of all the hype and bs that goes along with it, at the end of the day we have a choice on who we elect to govern us. We have that option, we were founded on this simple truth…BY THE PEOPLE. And yes that doesn’t mean we will all agree with what the majority, but it’s a hell of a lot better than a dictatorship.

Until recently (like as in the last seven years) I wasn’t that involved or even gave it much thought but there is a lot of energy that goes into getting behind and standing behind what you believe as far as politics goes. I’ve always thought that it’s a responsibility to vote as well as a privilege, and if you don’t then you really don’t have the right to bitch about but you didn’t let your voice be heard. And yeah for all those that say their voice isn’t heard anyway…um so you really won’t know if you don’t try.  Anyway back to my point, which is; hm what was my point?  Uh, oh yeah…we’ve all had this happen to us around this time during election years. We are bombarded with phone calls. It’s dinner time and the phone is ringing, your driving home and your cell phone is ringing, you answer and you hear “Hi, my name is _______ and I want to talk to you about_______. Did you know that he/she supports _______, and this is why your vote is so important.” And all you want to do is eat your dinner while it’s still hot, or get home and relax!

You’re faced with a choice, do I answer the phone and listen to the same speech for the umptenth time, do I not answer, do I answer and give the caller a piece of my mind? (because damn it I’m tired of the damned calls and I’ve answered their damned questions already.)  I submit to you for your approval this…consider that a) there are hundreds of organizations that are making calls for their chosen candidates, and you are targeted by at least half of them. b) if you are in a key district, and it’s a tight race you will be targeted until your ballot has been received. (KEY point here, you want the calls to stop, VOTE.) c) there are human beings on the other end of that phone, calling because they believe in their cause and believe they can make a difference. These people have feelings, and a life as well, they are giving up an evening at home with their loved ones, because they hope to make a difference, they hope they can give you information that maybe you didn’t already know, or give you a different perspective. That caller doesn’t know that their call is the fiftieth call you’ve received that day. And that caller certainly doesn’t know that it’s a bad time for them to have called you. This actually happened during a phone bank, a caller placed a call to a person whose spouse had just died. The person answered the phone because she thought the caller was the coroner. When she realized the caller wasn’t who she thought she reammed the caller. The caller needless to say was so upset that she had made the call at such a bad time.

Again we as phone bankers don’t know what’s going on in the lives of the people we are calling. If we did we’d certainly choose a different time to call. We deal with angry people who are tired of the phone calls, we deal with being shouted at, and we deal with rudeness.

It’s not all bad however once in awhile we get the one person who is grateful that we care as much as we do and are out making those calls, we get the one person who is happy to speak with us and laughs and tells us jokes, or lets us joke with them. It’s those people that keeps us going. So to you thank you.

So what does this have to do with being a writer? Well, nothing really other than life happens and it creates obstacles and sometimes keeps us from our love. And sometimes it gives us the diversion we need.

We get inspiration from different places, different scenery. That birthday party we attended gives us a memory to use later, the dinner with friends reminds us of the love and support we have for each other. The drive in through the mountains to see the changing color of the trees reminds us of the beauty in our world and to take a moment to truly see it.  And if we are lucky, (and I was) it recharges our batteries and allows us to finish that book we’ve been working on.

YES you read that right, I finished a book and am now in editing hell. Wish me luck, since I need to get back to the daily grind of it…

OH and uh…GO VOTE!!! (it’s almost over…)

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