Where is the muse…(a day in the life of a writer)

I’ve decided that my muse is one fickle bitch. She doesn’t bother me unless it’s three in the morning. AND when I am awake at three in the morning, do you think she even cares to speak to me? OH NO…no she can’t be bothered.

All I want is to finish this book, is that really so much to ask for? I don’t think so, I mean it isn’t like I’m asking to become the next Nora Roberts, or Stephen King. I simple want a finished book that makes it to the top ten and pays for a hot tub. Seriously after almost three years one would think that I could have at least three book written, don’t you?

I wonder, is there some magic food or drink (no not bourbon, I’ve tried that) that will make her want to converse with me at a decent hour, and for longer than a few seconds at a time?

Ideas anyone….


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