Very sad…

Today after what has been a very sad 24 hours I find the anger in my heart growing.

I listen to Trump, and oh please believe me when I say that I have tried so very hard to not comment on his campaign speeches, his sexist, racist, idiotic comments, but today I just can’t…I have to much anger to keep it in any longer. My great grandparents immigrated to the United States, legally, I was born here, I am a Mexican American and I take it personally when this man spouts off that all Mexico sends to America are drug dealers, murders, and rapists. I take it personally when he talks about building a wall that Mexico will pay for, I’m sure he envisions Mexicans building it as well. It angers me that he equates terrorism with Muslims.  NOT all Muslims are terrorist, NOT all Mexicans are murdering drug dealing rapists. And I say this with one hundred percent confidence because guess what, NOT ALL WHITE men are misogynistic, bigoted,  sexists assholes, who wouldn’t know a fact it came up bit his ass.

He wants to make America great again. Okay, I can get behind that idea…how about we start that by going back to the idea that ALL men and women are created equal. Let’s start with the simple idea that we are all deserving of simple basic rights, of the opportunity to gain a good education and the opportunity to pursue our dreams.  Let’s go back to the idea that America stands for something, that we as a nation have pride and respect for ourselves and others. That first and foremost we are human and should be treated as such. That when we speak, we speak truth, we show kindness, we have compassion and a willingness to help those less fortunate.

After the horrific events of yesterday, today of all days show some compassion. The latest numbers of the death toll from yesterday’s shooting in Orlando, that I’ve seen stands at 49, with another 53 injured. That’s 49 families dealing with the death of a loved one, 53 others, scared and worried about loved ones. Countless of others unsure as to the safety of their friends and family. And the man that put all of this in motion is NOT as Trump, (I’d like to be able to call him Mr. Trump, but to me only someone deserving of respect is referred to as Mr.) a Muslim terrorist born in Afganistan. NO, he was an American born in New York.

That’s right folks AMERICAN. Yes, it appears that he aligned himself with ISIS, which again is NOT indicative of all Muslim’s. I’m so sick of hearing how Muslims are evil and out to kills us. It’s A FRACTION OF ALL MUSLIMS that feel that way. That thought is equivalent to someone saying that all white people are KKK supporters. Do you see how ridiculous that sounds? Well okay, I suppose not to Trump since he doesn’t seem to understand anything the about white supremacy group.

At this point, it should be about showing compassion and having the “OH look I was right we need to keep out all Muslims.” attitude. People lost their lives, it shouldn’t matter what race they were, what color their skin was, or what their sexual preference was. It’s time to admit there is a problem with mental illness, a problem with the ease of obtaining firearms and high capacity magazines. And NO I AM NOT against guns, I am for smart ownership and responsibility. I don’t believe there is any reason or need of a civilian to have fifty or hundred round magazines, that’s just my opinion. Point is, to many people are dying and yesterday’s massacre was a hate crime first and foremost. It’s time to end the hate.

People like Trump and Cruz spout hate, disguised as concern. It’s presented in a way to make people fearful of others, but it is still hated. And frankly we don’t need someone in our highest office that would rather spread fear and hatred instead of love and respect.

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