A cause for outrage…

Ok so just one more post about this just because it has me so mad. I am having such a hard time with this logic that I hope someone can help me understand.

For the last couple of weeks or so there has been a lot of crap..and excuse me but that is what it is, about public restrooms and who should use which one.  A lot of people have their panties in a wad about how safe women and child will be if a transgender individual is allowed to use the restroom that matches their appearance or the one that matches their gender at birth. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for protecting women, children, men, cats, birds, raccoons whatever…but don’t be hypocritical about it. This bullshit isn’t about protecting anyone, this is about promoting fear and discrimination. It’s about setting  civil rights back 50 years. It’s about a people who can’t or refuse to use a little common sense.

Last week, geez was it just last week, that I told you all about my experiences using a public restroom. (If ya didn’t see it, search SELF ABSORBED….GET A CLUE,  Now ya’ll,  I want you to realize that I am fifty some years old, and it scares the crap out me to have to use a public restroom because of my appearance.  You all know that sometimes nature calls and she don’t give a damn where you are when ya gotta go ya gotta go. It doesn’t matter if you five or fifty-five.

If you really want to be outraged, how about being outraged about this… the scene is a public men’s room, we have the typical setup, stalls with toilets, urinals, and sinks…paper towels, soap dispenser. At least that is my assumption since I’ve never been in a men’s room. It stands to reason that when someone is standing in front of a urinal that he is peeing, that HE has the appropriate body parts to stand and pee. Then he is indeed male and in the correct restroom, right? Oh noooo… because this child has long blonde hair, the child  must female and therefore in the wrong restroom. HE IS STANDING IN FRONT OF A URINAL!! Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t know many women who can pee standing up, and in front of a urinal to boot. This child is in the correct restroom and is told by an adult male that he is in the wrong room. Isn’t this whole argument about using the appropriate restroom? It seems to me that ‘appropriate ‘is a matter of whatever someone wants it to be at the moment

What should outrage us is the fact that at any given moment there is a female being assaulted by a man…not a transgender man by one by birth. What should outrage us is that the children we want to protect are still being molested by people in places of authority, by the good upstanding men of our communities. NOT a transgender individual who just wants to use a bathroom without exposing their entire life to the whole world. What should outrage us is that we are letting a few narrow minded, controlling, fear and hate mongers insist on implementing laws where eventually ALL of us will need to show our ID”s  to pee, women are once again forced to seek back alley abortions, and we have whites only drinking fountains.

This should be what outrages us…as should someone accusing a child of being int the wrong restroom.

D, you are a sweet, talented, and exceptionally brave young man. I know this is the first time that this has happened to you and for that I am sorry. On day this world will change and catch up to match the open caring attitude you examplify. When I grow up I wanna be like you….

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