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It seem’s to me that all I hear lately is crap about ‘the gay agenda’ and who has the right to use what bathroom. And honestly aren’t there more important things to discuss and be upset about? Like…oh I don’t know, world hunger, global warming, the plight of homelessness is our nation…but oh no, we have to argue about who can use what bathroom.

Now what got me going on this is a Facebook post about some woman saying she is going to take her gun into the bathroom at Target to protect herself from Transgender people. (I’ll add the link at the bottom of this post,) Really?? The thought of a trans individual scares you so much that you will take a firearm into the bathroom with you? OH to protect yourself from the perverts that will enter the restroom.

First, off let me ask this, has it occurred to you that the mere fact that someone who identifies as transgender isn’t all that interested in announcing that to everyone because of fear to his/her own safety? In a world that treats anyone that is remotely different that what is considered ‘normal’ it’s a scary thing to expose yourself as different.

Identifying as lesbian or gay to the public is always a gamble because you don’t know how those around will react…am I going to be accepted, judged, or have the crap beaten out of me because someone is afraid I’m going to ‘give’ them my gayness. Wise up, being a homosexual isn’t a disease. And here’s another truth you might not want to accept…um we aren’t interested in converting you, and honestly, if your afraid we’re gonna hit on you, you’re conceited. Now I’m not transgender so I can’t honestly speak on this, but I am a reasonably intelligent person, so it’s my guess that when the need arises to hit the powder room the goal is to relieve oneself and not scope out you, or your children. And frankly if you’re busy checking out someone else’s goodies in a restroom, who is the one with the problem?

I want numbers that back up the “whacko’s are gonna molest our kids,”. I want to know when a transgender individual has attacked someone randomly because honestly I don’t see those headlines. I do however see the ones where a transwoman or transman was attacked and brutally beaten or beaten to death simply because their attackers didn’t like that they were different.

I read the article I mentioned above, and this the part that interested me.”Since the company’s announcement, conservative activists have launched a #BoycottTarget campaign, protested outside their local Targets, and as this

“Since the company’s announcement, conservative activists have launched a #BoycottTarget campaign, protested outside their local Targets, and as this Daily Commercial story details planned to have a male conservative blogger “barge into the Mount Dora store Thursday and demand to use the women’s restroom.” ….A male conservative blogger planned to “barge into the Mount Dora store and demand to use the women’s restroom…” It’s my assumption that this man is NOT transgender, therefore, what point is he trying to make? That he is a narrow-minded idiot, and possible pervert himself? Otherwise, I don’t see what his barging in and demanding the use of the women’s room proves.

So come get over yourselves and lets talk about gun violence, senseless killings, homelessness…real things that matter.

Organizations Debunk ‘Bathroom Predator Myth’

how many times exactly do trans people attack

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