Every once in a while…(A Day in the life of a writer)

There are times in life that things just click, the stars align just right and things just fall into place.

Sometimes we as humans work hard to make that happen, and when it don’t in our time frame we get upset. Here’s an example.

For most of us, our desire to share our lives with the one special person drives  us. We date, we search, we look for someone that we click with, that we have similar values with, that we can laugh with and cry with… that we can see ourselves spending the rest of our lives with.   We find someone and for the most part everything that we say we want is there, but not all…and we tell ourselves that those things that AREN’T present aren’t really that important. We convince ourselves that we’ve “found” our other half and that we can now live our lives happily ever after. But…well things happen and maybe we find ourselves alone again, back in that space where we are searching once again.

It was no different for me…I met someone thought this person was the one and bam…not so, met someone else…bam not the one…decided nope I’m done, I’ll be fine alone, lonely but at least not dealing with a broken heart. Bam along comes HJ. I’m cautious and say nope just gonna be friends end of story.

Something happens when things are right, and the person is supposed to be in your life. Never in my life had I ever experienced the sensation of not being able to breathe. HJ is on a plane back to Dallas and I’m sitting in the parking lot with my chest tight, not being able to get enough oxygen and thinking no this isn’t right she can’t leave…she belongs we me. Little did I know that she was on the plane texting her best-friend telling her the same thing, feeling the same thing. That was six years ago. (My life is where I’ve always imagined it, it is what I’ve always wanted it to be. Thank you HJ and thank you Lord.)

Now the other side of this is that HJ has always worked hard where her passions lay. She is an activist through and through, she believes in justice for all and she fights for it. And most importantly she is truly humble and surprised when people she doesn’t know nominate her for something

A year ago someone nominated her for a seat on the state’s Civil Rights Commission, a position that is appointed by the governor. HJ is first of all shocked that someone she didn’t know, knew her and thought enough of her to nominate her to this position. With the thought that she would never be considered she half heartedly put her application in. Within Twenty-four hours she is on the phone with the head of the division going over her application, still telling me that she will never be picked. In another twelve hours we are packing and on our way for her swearing in. HJ amazed that the governor when told that HJ was one of the applicants, said, “We want her,” HJ is amazed that the Governor knows who she is…keep in mind that she does work part time with a state based LGBT group that is known to the governor.

Here we are a year later, back where her family started, being nominated and appointed chair of the CRD. (Civil Rights Division.)

Now when I say that sometimes things just click and fall into place this is what I mean, shortly after we got together, HJ’s mom passed away unexpectedly…it was a shock since it was her dad we expected to pass. We got through that and within a year lost dad. HJ was given their ashes and for a long time had no idea what to do with them. When this monthly meeting for the CRC was set up in the town her parents first moved to, to start their lives and hoped to eventually start their family it seemed only fitting that they be included in this trip and that some of their ashes be spread here. I’ve always told HJ that her parents are with her, in everything she does and that wherever they are  looking over her and with huge grins on their faces saying “That is OUR daughter, and we are so immensely proud of her.” And to each other “We raised her right,”

I can only imagine how proud they would be, but I know how proud I am. I am proud and honored to be married to someone who is so passionate about her beliefs that she stands by them and fights for them not only for herself but for others. I’m proud that she gives voice to those that can’t or aren’t comfortable for whatever reason to do that themselves. I’m proud of the compassion she possesses, the compassion she shows others, the spirit with which she encourages others. If it seems that I am bragging about HJ, it might be because I am. I because I know she won’t tell you all of her doings, she doesn’t see that what she does is all that special or wonderful. It is for those very few reasons on top of a million more that I love this woman.

So when I say every once in a while things just click, its because they do. Life has a way of coming full circle and working out. It might not be how WE think it should be or when WE want it to, but it does. And if we are lucky and patient we end up sharing that life with someone that makes us laugh, more than cry, lets us lean on more that lean on us, and supports us through everything.

Final note, if you have someone in your life you feel that way about, know they are a treasure and cherish them. If you don’t do not give up, there is someone out there looking for you as well. If you are happy where you are good, life has you where you’re suppose be. Enjoy it, and make memories that you will love to revisit, and always remember, we still need to do our part, we need to put in some of the work.

P.S. Linda two things, you were right about the whole patience thing…(Not that I like admitting that,) and yeah I still don’t like having to be patient. LOL

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