In crazy world take time to relax, (A day in the life of a writer)

So I was reminded that it’s been a since I’ve blogged, but in my defense wine-541922_640life gets in the way sometimes. It’s been a couple of weeks since my first official book signing, and as most of you know writing doesn’t always pay the bills, and I’ve been a slacker long enough. (Not really, but HJ has me running all over creation lately so it certainly does feel like a full time job.) Seriously taking care of a house isn’t an easy job, and there is always something to do so I have been seriously busy. (One would think with all the rain we’ve been getting a body could just curl up with a good book and relax, but no…) I’ve got a couple of new books and a possible real paying job in the works (did I just say that in my outloud voice?) Anyway, these last couple of weeks have been crazy and I think it’s just going to get worse. Especially with this weeks adventures. I know you’re wondering what the adventure was, I’ll just start off by saying that I believe there was some bad juju out there. When one travels it’s generally accepted that there will be bumps in the road, it’s part of life right? Well this time around I swear it started out cursed. We (HJ and I) usually always rent a car for travels, and with the exception of one time it’s always been a pleasant experience. NOT so this time around. On Saturday we pick up the car, and well my eyes must have had a shine in them because they gave us a Mustang. (Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my face,) It was black and it was sleek and…well I think I looked pretty damned good behind the wheel! We leave the rental lot and head to store for some last minute must grab items and snacks for the road trip. Keep in mind when we picked up the car it was a tad chilly, but the time we get back to the car it’s warmed up some. HJ opens the door and slides in and says “Honey, the cars smells funny doesn’t it?” Now I’ve never driven a Mustang and I know damned well I’ll never get the chance to again, and well…yeah it smells ‘different’ and I say that…”It does smell a little weird but all cars have their own smells,” I say. And we drive off for one last stop. We go in, come back out and open the trunk and BAM. The ‘different’ scent reached out and punched HJ square in the face and she says, “Um honey…come here,” I do, because she asked, and well because I had bags in my hands and well a trunk is a perfect place for bags right. And, yeah you guessed it, BAM POW the smell hits me. I clear my throat as I quickly step back and say… “Oh wow, that’s bad.” and slam the trunk closed. People this isn’t good…I mean we have this car for more than a couple of days, and we’re suppose to be in this car for a fair amount of time (like hours on end,) AND the rental place is now closed; because it’s a Saturday afternoon! So we do next logical thing, we call the 1-800 customer service number, a nice gentleman puts our call through to the next nearest rental place which is the local airport. My wife explains the situation and I kid you not the young woman on the other end of the line says…(and I know this because she was on speaker phone,) in a snotty tone, “Well what do you want me to do about it?” Uh switch out the car maybe?? Which is what HJ says… and the young woman replies, “I don’t have any cars right now, and I won’t have anything until Tues.” Okay well, there is always air freshener right…yeah doesn’t work. We get home, HJ fires up her computer and goes to the website and reserves a car from the location, the same model and everything and guess what… the website LET HER, which means THERE WERE CARS AVAILABLE!! So HJ is now a little miffed, because clearly the gal lied to her and she calls the 1-800 number again, this time they tell here there’s nothing they can do, but if she would like they would gladly rent her ANOTHER car, (from the location that doesn’t have any available,) “Okay and what am I supposed to do with the car I already rented, will you refund me the amount on that car?” (Which is the logical thing to do,) “Well, you would have to take that up with the location from which you got the car…maybe maybe not, we can’t say.” NOW HJ is down right mad, and by now the son has gone out opened the trunk and gagged…and says…”God smells like someone left some shitty diapers in there.” OMG that’s the smell exactly. Imagine a diaper pail full of dirty diapers left out in the heat for a week THAT’S what it smelt like. HJ is on phone once again and is told…”Well I understand that’s uncomfortable, but there’s nothing we can do.” UNCOMFORTABLE?? Uncomfortable is a blister on my foot, maybe a non-working air conditioner in the high nineties (which also happened, once they replaced the smelly car.) Driving and riding in this car was not uncomfortable it was disgusting.

However I do have to say once we got ahold of the location from which we got the smelly car we were treated 100% better, give a car that doesn’t smell and that the air-conditioner works in! Maybe the rest of this trip will go much smoother, if not well there is always WINE!!

Remember folks not everything goes smoothly and life has bumps along the road, wine always makes it better, (at least for this writer!) Speaking of which looks like my glass is empty…I’ll be back!

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