Meeting great people (A Day in the life of a writer,

11220877_887848414595467_5815292459848370112_nWhew it’s over!

For the last couple of posts I’ve been taking about getting ready for the yearly Pride event here in town and how this year was different because I was finally going to participate in that I was having a book signing.

I can honestly say that I had fun, I had fun, I HAD FUN!!

For all the nerves and jitters, and all the OMG what am I thinking, it went well. I met some fantastic people, one of them being the awesomely funny AIDAN PARK, yes that’s him posing with me and one of my books. (You should go check him out on youtube, he’s funny and a great guy.) I can’t tell you how happy I am that I let HJ talk me into doing this. I sold some books, I talked to some super nice people, and most importantly had a fantastic opportunity present itself.

I grew up in a small rural farming community, my father spent his days well into the evening hours working the land and trying to carve out a good life for his wife and children. It wasn’t easy, there was always something to worry about for him and yet he never failed to provide for us. Growing up different is hard no matter where you’re from, There are always bullies, always someone that won’t approve of you, of how you look, how you dress or act, because you don’t fit into their view of ‘normal’. I knew I was different at an early age, everyone has a crush on teachers at some point in their lives right…mine were always women. Girls in high school were busy dreaming of their boyfriends and their wedding day…I was dreaming of my wedding day too, but there was always a woman walking up the aisle to join me.  And even at the earliest age I knew it wasn’t something to broadcast.

The most amazing thing about this weekend is this, I met someone for a community with a population of  711 people who was telling me how there is no lesbian fiction in our local libraries, the closest they have to any gay themed books is PERKS OF A WALLFLOWER. She asked how much I was selling my books for, and was sad when she realized she didn’t have any cash.  I ended up donating copies of my books and she asked about the possibility of hosting a book signing and having me as a guest speaker at her library.  I’m thinking things are moving in the right direction! And rural America is moving in the right direction too!

It was a great weekend and I’m so flippin tired, I think I’m gonna go take a nap…until later folks.

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