So you want to be an author…

As I blunder along with my job as an author, I have decided that there is a reason I landed here with it and not a lawyer or doctor or public speaker. Writing is a personal, solitary, keeping to myself kind of thing. It means I don’t have to interact with others, I don’t have to go out and see people, or mingle with them. It’s the perfect occupation for an introvert!

Unfortunately the bottom line is I would like to sell books and make at least a little money, that means *groaning* interacting with people. It means opening up and speaking with them, smiling and being friendly, and…and…oh my god I think I’m gonna hyperventilate; it means talking to strangers. *feeling weak* OMG I…I don’t know if I can do this. I mean HJ is the speaker of the family, she is the outgoing one…

Okay get a grip, at some point everyone has to deal with this. It can’t be that bad right…after all a lot of these people I already know, (it’s a small community) and honestly EVERYONE already knows HJ so by proxy they know me…no…they know HJ’s partner, HJ’s wife, they don’t know Dannie.

Being an introvert I’m used to sitting back and just watching people, listening and commenting when asked something or have a comment, it isn’t “me” to stand in front of people and be the one to start a conversation. BUT being an author is about selling yourself…your work and the only way to do that is to market yourself. Put yourself out there in the public eye. I know this, I understand this, and this next weekend I’m going to try to do just that. I’m told that the nerves and butterflies will go away, (god I hope so since I do not want to known as ‘”the author that pukes in front of everyone last year”. That being said my new mantra will be I can do this.

I can do this right…YES I CAN… (maybe I can find a hypnotist that will hypnotize me and it will all be fine…)101232_bart-simpson-tv-cartoon-the-simpsons-hypnotize_200s

y’all have any pointers? Oh and thank you rwoodsfiction for your words on my last post, I hadn’t thought about buttons! (I can’t wait to read your WATCHER SERIES!!) Yup I’m off to find a hypnotist, wish me luck!

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