So you want to be an author…

img-thingSo I’ve been a published author for a few years now, and am just now getting to the point where I am forced to think about a few things. I know what you’re thinking, how could i just now be thinking of all of that; because I’m slow maybe?

No because until recently I’ve never really considered myself as a writer and having to put myself “out there”. And now all of that has changed…well okay the having to put myself out there has changed, (still having trouble thinking of myself as an author, but I’m getting better about it.)

For a while now it’s been in the back of my mind that I need to do a book signing, which involves a lot actually.A venue, books, promotional items, ideas…ugh. Okay books I have, the venue…well okay HJ solved that, promotional items uh…I have no clue! What does one need for a book signing?

What would you want to see if you attended a book signing? Books? Well that’s a no brainer, you’d want to see banners, posters, I’d want take away items, like pens or something, I might want the pen the author used to sign my book with, I don’t know.

Honestly I had never thought of any of this. Luckily I have some one that does think about this kind of thing. He calls it marketing and branding…it’s like greek to me so I’m just going to trust him on this. But I’m getting ahead of myself here, the very first thing you need is a story. Not half a story, a complete story. So let’s assume you have that, you have that completed manuscript. What do you do with it?

“You put it out there.” For me it meant finding an online short story website. Entering contests, letting others read my work. Sorry folks that’s how it works. For some it will be easy, for others not so much, there will be rejection and moments of tears, but when you finally hold that first copy of your work it’s amazing and no feeling will ever touch that feeling. So just do it, what is the worst thing that can happen?

Think about it, for me it means I’m off to talk to my “publicist” and figure out what I need for my very first  book signing. (Please tell me i’m gonna survive this,)

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  1. You will survive he nerves and the butterflies in the belly. You don’t need to bring much. I would recommend some bookmarks or postcards. Sometimes I bring buttons, too. Good luck!

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