Those scenes again ugh (A day in the life of a writer)

I have decided that I must master the concept or it will plague me until I die…those damned sex scenes.

I hate em, well no I don’t hate them I actually like reading (uh lets just forget that part)…, I hate having to write them is what I meant. I’m totally of the opinion that the imagination is is a whole lot better than every detail put out there for me to just read.

But lets face it, sex sells and the hotter the better. Everyone has it, (well I mean everyone but my kids…um, my sisters…oh…yeah mom and dad yeah they don’t and only did four times in their entire lives. So lets move on,) My point is as adults we know how it works, why does it have to be written about?

Well you idiot, you just said why…SEX SELLS!

“Oh shut up no one asked you,”

You did so, look up three or four sentences ago you’ll see the question plain as day. Now stretch out on the sofa and tell me why you hate writing sex scenes.

Well in my book…okay okay I mean my mind, there should only be one reason for scenes like that, it should add to the story. If the story is really good it shouldn’t need sex. The only reason to put a bunch of sex in a book is to … well write erotic, and I don’t do that.

Right and it’s my guess that you don’t sell a lot of books either.

Hey that was uncalled for!

You’re right I apologize, please continue. What’s the real reason you’re opposed to writing a sex scene?

I don’t think they’re any good…the ones I write I mean. I feel like they are unrealistic, the words aren’t sexy and I get all tied up in where so and so’s arm and leg is and which hand is where and …yeah it’s just horrible. There I’ve said it now leave me alone.

No, no you came to me remember. There’s a lot more involved in a scene that just the physical. Have you ever just tried to capture the emotions?

Well yeah of course I try, doesn’t mean it always leads to a good roll in the hay. Why can’t I just allude to it, why does it have to be all nitty gritty and what not.

Again, geez are you slow or something, IT SELLS.

Yup that’s pretty much the conversation in my head every single time I reach a point in my writing that things heat up. And so far I haven’t found a way to tackle that hurdle. I’ve had a couple of people tell me that I need to get out of my head, and just write, to stop overthinking it. But I don’t think I’m overthinking it, I mean it’s suppose to be believable right, it’s suppose to be realistic. And sometimes I stop and wonder, “hmm would my arm go there and how comfortable would it be?” or “Does it make sense for so and so’s fingers to immediately wrap in so and so’s hair and just how the hell do I make so and so’s hand moving over a taunt stomach sexy? …Okay so maybe I do overthink it, but damn it, it’s suppose to be hot and sexy and most importantly it’s suppose to SELL.

How do you tackle those scenes? How do you make them steamy without going to erotic? Seriously ya’ll I need some advice.

I’m off to stare at the blank page now, oh hey voice in my head…thanks for the pep talk. It didn’t help!

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