Art imitating life (A day in the life of a writer)

826f7d3fb8fe542454d5751747e15d20I got to thinking last night after a comment from a dear friend, that my characters really do have roots in my personal relationships, and I wonder is that true for other authors?

Last night HJ was perusing good old Facebook, where we all know is how we find things out, and asked me “Whats going on with *Samantha*?  (* names have been changed to protect the innocent) Me, “I don’t know, why?” HJ, “Well text *Amy* and find out. Okay well first of if it was anything really serious I’m positive Amy would have let me know but yeah okay I grab my phone and reach out…I get the details and pass them along to HJ, because that’s what my mission was right? Now ya’ll get this…while I’m texting Amy, so IS HJ! (So why am I texting? I know I wondered the same thing, but when there is trouble HJ is very impatient and hates waiting.) Anyway, we all text and converse and give thoughts and ideas and advice all of which Amy is passing along to Samantha. In the span of maybe forty five minutes Amy is once again assured that she and her family are indeed in our thoughts and protective circle…(yes HJ is a tad bit of a mama bear when she feels one of her cubs is hurting..)

Amy and I became friends in high school and throughout the years managed to come and go in and out of each others lives, yet never ceasing to be able to just pick up as though we had just spoken the day before. Those kinds of friends are rare I think. I adore Amy, she is funny and was always a bit of a wild woman, whose sense of humor always took my by surprise..and she hasn’t changed much, (thank you God). Today she has three amazing daughters, all with a good sense of who they are and what they want from life, to say that she done good is probably an understatement. (Incase it isn’t clear yet, I adore her kids almost as much as I do her. Which is funny because I just met her kids five years ago.)

Now I say that my characters are rooted in my personal relationships because it seems that through thick and thin, no matter time nor distance, there are a couple of them that are always there for the other at the drop of a hat. They pick up after years apart as if the years never existed. Luce, although she would never admit it, was ever so grateful that Jessica walked into the locker room the night Joe was killed. (Read about in DESERT HEAT) And Jessica wanted nothing more than to be able to go to Luce and hold her in her arms tight and take all Luce’s pain away, but knew it wasn’t the right time. (Oh yeah, you can catch up on the story in DESERT HEAT and DESERT BLOOMS,)

Is it simply that some people make such a big difference in our lives and become that close that they do indeed become a part of our family’s no matter time or distance, and because of that those relationships have to be portrayed in our characters lives as well?

The problems and heartbreaks end up being worked through in my characters lives as well, hmm I suppose it’s writing what I know. Or at least that’s where I’ve landed for me anyway.

Enjoy those friends who you can pick up a conversation with years later and still feel just as connect with. They are the reminder of who we were, and our cheerleaders and biggest supporters of who we are becoming.

Night ya’ll

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