Ooo is Scrivener really the one for me? (A day in the life of a writer)

scrivenerOMG I did it…I went and finally sat down and made an honest effort to try the writing software Scrivener; and…I think I like it!

After months of it sitting on my desktop I looked at and said to myself, “Self, get over it and just try it. It can’t be that scarey.” And self replies, “But there is nothing wrong with how I write now, word has been good to us,”

“Tis true, but…what if this program really is everything everyone says it is? What if it makes writing easier for us?” *Sigh* “Okay okay, I’ll try it now get off my back will ya,” (self and I have plenty of conversations like that, does that mean I’m crazy? No of course not now stop talking and write.)

I suppose if I had to put my finger on the thing that was holding me back from trying this program it was simply seemed to complicated. (of course not reading or following the tutorials didn’t help matters any.) HJ would love to tell me right now that that’s what I get for not reading the directions…and well okay in this instance she may be right, but let’s not tell her that okay.

Scrivener is an awesome management system of notes and documents, allowing the user to organize notes, concepts, and research for easy access when you need it. Want to insert a photo into your book…guess what you can! Just drag and drop.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon arranging scenes in my chapters of two wips, and wow…it was so easy. I am excited to get back to writing now…so if you’ll excuse me, Rayne awaits. I’ll let you know how it works for me along the way!

What’s your favorite writers program?

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