Very few things truly frighten me, (A day in the life of a writer…)

There are very few things that truly frighten me…the loss of my parents, being left alone in the world, snakes, and even though I love the sound of thunder in the distance, thunder overhead frightens me…and zombies…zombies frighten me…(not really because well shhh don’t tell anyone but, they aren’t real.) Hearing my spouse tell me that she will need something else to get passionate about frightens me.

You all know, or at least some of you know that my wife is a activist. She has a passion for righting the wrongs and making things fair and equal in the lives of others. She speaks out when she feels injustice is being perpetuated on those who don’t have a voice. Hell she is a civil rights commissioner for cryin out loud, that should tell you how she feels! For close to thirty some years she has fought for LGBT equality, the right to marry, for health care, and with the SCOTUS set to hear and rule on marriage equality in June the realization that she just might need something else to be passionate about has occurred to her.

Imagine this scene, I’m laying in bed actually getting some writing done, (I know…actual book writing…serious progress book writing. Awesome right!!) anyway, I’m laying here and my phone rings. I answer with “Hi babe,” yeah she is out of town again. I know, what you’re thinking, and yes she really does exist, and yes she is really quite busy. Anyway, the first thing I hear is “You know I was just thinking..” not, “Hi baby, I miss you,” or “Hey sweetie how are you,” oh no… it’s “I was thinking…” Now I’m a polite kind of person, and I love my honey and am always interested in what she is thinking so naturally I say “What were you thinking honey?”

“I’m going to need something else that I can get behind and support and be passionate about…” What’s the first thing that would come to your mind?  Mine was, “Uh…okay, I’m sure we can come up with something!” Because saying “Are you crazy?” really isn’t a good idea, and really never a good idea when she is out of town. But honestly, I can’t prove it, mainly because I haven’t been able to find the cape and no real tangible proof, but I think I married superwoman.

Yes she is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound…oh um no that’s not it, but she does work a full work week, manage to find time to volunteer at our church, be a commissioner for the civil rights commission, volunteer for the statewide LGBT advocacy organization, be on the Rocky Mountain Conference Minister Search Committee, serve on a local board, chair a committee at church, deal with me, our kids and grand-daughter and still has time to spoil the demon cat! (See superwoman…I’m out of breath AND wore out just thinking about it all.)

In my mind the simple fact that you might have some time to relax and chill after all the above mentioned activities would be heaven. Not so for HJ. I suppose there is only one thing for me to do here; come up with ideas for her to be passionate about! After all if she is happy, I’m happy and I do love to watch her in action.

Off I go to make a lists…oh and to get back to my writing. 😉

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