Is it Spring yet?

One of the interesting things about living in Colorado, aside from all the natural beauty, is that one never knows what the weather is going to be. Not last week we were all running around with short sleeves and no jackets, and day before yesterday (which would be Monday) we had snow; and yesterday afternoon it was warm enough that I sat out on our patio without a jacket and just enjoyed the sun.

Today I was at a friends house and saw a bee…surely that means it’s spring time! Time for the Daffodils and Hyacinths to blooms, time for trees to start to turn, and yes…time for allergy season.

No, I’m not excited for allergies but I am looking forward to warm weather, and sitting outside. (Keep in mind that come summertime, I’ll be complaining because its too flippin hot…humans are never happy let me just say that right now.) But there is something about that itch to be outside. I want to plant flowers and mow the lawn, and set up the BBQ and…and…and… wait, planting flowers and mowing the lawn are work, so maybe not so much on all that but BBQ’ing is always good!!

I want to take my pen and paper , or tablet outside and write. I want to enjoy the birds singing and dogs barking, and the sound of children laughing throughout the neighborhood. I want to have the sun warm my back, a nice cold drink by my side and a good plot for a story. Is that to much to ask? No I don’t think it is…oh and while I’m at it I want a good following!

Is it spring yet??

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  1. Spring is just around the corner. I also can’t wait until it is warm enough to go outside and write. Although I’m from Florida so by the time you get warm, we’ll be hot and I’ll have to go back inside for air conditioning!

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