I don’t feel like a writer

This morning going through the ritual of email, check Facebook, play a game or two of Candy Crush, (you know all the import stuff of the day,) I found this post titled “The Writer’s Journey- Five exercises to get you started.”

To be a writer, requires a different way of being in the world. —all of us felt a sense of displacement-whether we were outsiders, underdogs,rebels, or just shy…we had a secret.

I was extremely shy, felt like an outsider, a loner so I did escape into my own little world where I could be who ever I wanted, do whatever I wanted. Some day’s I was robbing a bank in the old west, others I was a high powered lawyer saving the poor from some evil corporation.

It was my imagination that fueled those worlds, it still does. Years later I’m still the shy person I was, still escaping into my own little world, only now I write about those adventures…no longer am I the attorney, but a police officer hell bent of finding the person who murdered my best-friend. I’m a DEA agent, running for my life, I’m the drug lord set on revenge to whoever killed my brother.

What’s funny about all of this is that simply because I put these scenarios from my worlds into words I’m considered a writer, a wordsmith. I don’t feel like a writer…not that I have any idea what a writer feels like, I mean does a lawyer feel like a lawyer, or a doctor feel like a doctor?

Maybe it’s that I don’t have a degree that says I’m qualified to write, but then again…did William Faulkner, Charles Dickens,Mark Twain or even Maya Angelou? No Maya Angelou graduated high school and didn’t start to really concentrate on her writing career until she was almost 40. Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) dropped out of school at the age of 12. Yet these people were considered brilliant authors, respected and quoted. (Maybe there’s hope for me 😉 )

Anthony Ehlers, (the author of the blog) gave five excises to get started on the journey to writing. I think they also help to keep you on the journey, at least I’m going to try them for that.

1. Go to the library or a public park, look at books, and statues-don’t take notes, just wander and observer.

2. Write about your favorite table as a child- who is around it? What smells do you remember? Colors?

3. Try to discribe the sound of a voice on the page- it could be your lover’s, your best friend’s, a teacher’s from years ago.

4.Tape record your own voice when you wake up and then late at night. Listen to it again. How has your voice changed?

5 Write a letter to your favorite book. Tell it why you love it so much. Don’t address it to the author but the book itself.

I think I’ll try these, maybe they’ll help me ‘feel’ like the writer I am!

To read the blog go to http://writerswrite.co.za/

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