Challenges of working at home…(A day in the life of a writer)

Ever wonder about every day challenges? We all have them whether we work outside the home from an office or at home.

My ‘job’ allows me the luxury of deciding where to work from…some days whether I work or period. (Shhh my publisher doesn’t need to hear that!) Working from home requires a discipline which some days I wonder if I have. Yes I try to get some writing done everyday, and most days I succeed. But then there are days like today that everything seems to be a distraction. The changing weather outside, (bright and sunny one minute, hail the next, and once again bright and sunny!) It’s distracting! Even more distracting is the ruckus of children playing outside. Their screams of joy and excitement, the squeals of laughter… ugh the sound of plastic tires of their motorized car on the pavement in the cul-de-sac. (Which can either be “Aw they are having so much fun” or “God I wish they’d go play somewhere else so I can concentrate and the damn dog would stop barking!”

Don’t get me wrong I don’t begrudge children play time or being out…heck with a five year old living with me, trust me I tend to send her out to play plenty! Nor do I begrudge the dog barking. But really, after five minutes of hearing children playing and screaming, one would think the puppy dog realizes no one is out to kill her. Although I do under her confusion since occasionally a random blowing leaf or her ninja quick shadow do just that. (Her and the demon cat have a lot of the same common enemies…I wonder why…)

I suppose in retrospect I should be grateful the demon kitten is sound asleep somewhere in the house and not running for his life up and over the furniture and myself. (I bet you didn’t realize the quickest way from the hallway to the food bowl is this…over the sofa, across mommy, over the buffet table across either the back of my chair, or my lap and laptop down to to floor and then at long last his water and food bowl. The food is safe, the water however may be poisoned so the long journey back to the bed room begins…in hopes that mommy is there with either a glass of water or the open water bottle with water in the lid for kittens.) Poor kittens have such a hard life here… And while all their antics, (as well as those of the children outside) provide great blog material, it does very little for actual book material. Especially since Rayne and Lisbet have a cattle dog and no cats. Maybe they should consider getting one…after all pets are know for lowering blood pressure and lifting their authorities moods. (Well okay that is unless their authority happens to look at said as cat looks at the authority with a ‘please’ just give me a little bit of love and attention,” look and the authority has a complete and utter meltdown. (It scares kitties when I cry… go figure…)

Anyway I’m going to assume that since you’re reading this, your distracted or bored too…tell me what’s distracting you?

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