Defining Success…for me (A day in the life of a writer) PT2

Yesterday I wrote a post in which I defined the meaning of success for myself. This is one of the comments I received, and I honest am not sure how to take it or respond to it…

“The most miserable days of my life are the days that my family and I have not any money. Can you post on how we can get more of it?”

Now, I could be a smart-ass and say “Hey we would all like to get more of it… “(money,)  or I could get all preachy and say “Pray on it the answers will come to you.” The simple fact is this…I don’t know this persons situation, and neither of those comments offer anything.

Yes, I get not having any money is hard, and makes for a miserable time. Not knowing where you’re gonna find the few extra dollars to feed you hungry child, or pay for the heat to keep them warm, or maybe even the problem of not having a home for them in which to keep them warm and safe. (I’ve never been down that road that far, thank the lord, but I was and am fortunate.)

Post on how to get more of it…money…if I had that answer, I’m sure I wouldn’t be worried about the pitiful book sales this month.

The plain fact of the matter is this, I can only speak for myself. I define what it means to be successful for ME…no one else, I decide when I have enough…whether it be money, respect, food, cars, etc. I believe it falls to me to help others when I can, it is my duty to follow the teachings of Jesus and love my neighbor, clothe and feed them when called upon.

I am grateful for what I have and thank God when things pop up like an emergency root canal that I can pay for it and not worry if I’ll be able to eat for the next month. (I’m well aware that there are people that do not have that luxury.)

Do I have the answers, NO, what I do know is that you keep trying, you don’t give up and you give thanks for what you do have. Those are the lessons I have learned along the way.

Thank you for taking your time to read my thoughts….


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