Get it together… (A day in the life of a writer)

It’s an I don’t want to do anything kind of day. I need motivation people!!

No, what I need is direction. For me the hardest thing about writing is losing the direction the story is going, where the characters are heading. It sucks to say but right now I’m not liking any of my characters. The story is going no where, they aren’t happy and neither am I. Yes I know advice is to write no matter what, that once the juices get going things will work out, guess what…for ME that isn’t happening! Right now I want to trash all my ideas and just walk away.

Two, count them…ONE, TWO… story-lines are stalled, plans where they are going are hitting roadblocks and I can’t find a dozer big enough to move those blocks. Is it boredom that is causing this…I don’t know; what I do know is that I’m frustrated…ugh I hate this feeling!


  1. What if you made one of your characters really ill? Something that will cause you to feel sympathy for him, even if he is a ‘baddie’ and deserves what he gets. I love when I’ve built up a character to be unlikable and mean and just when I’m ready to hate his guts, he reveals something a tiny bit redeeming about himself. Hope the juices begin to flow soon for you.

    1. Thank you jean, it’s good advice I think I’m just stuck. Main character is recovering from an accident in which she lost her partner and having trouble moving on; I may be sympathizing to much lol.

      1. Sounds like you’re grieving, too. Maybe that’s why you can’t move on with the story. You’ll get there, it happens me at around 30,000 words, every book. If I was running a marathon, that would be my wall.

      2. Maybe I’m just afraid it’s a lousy story…I am however trying so I suppose that has to count for something! Thanks for your words and time. (It’s nice to know someone reads my ramblings. 🙂 )

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