Just for the sake of writing (A day in the life of a writer)

It is the 28th day of 2015, and so far the most exciting thing I’ve managed to do is OD on Ambien! Alright that isn’t exactly true, I’ve also caused the death of two laptops, and il_340x270.621352068_l5oghave done a number on medical bills and I ain’t done yet!

In life you have to laugh at things…at yourself even because if you don’t you’ll go crazy or be crushed under the weight of it all. I myself have never been really good at being able to laugh at myself until recently…I’d see where OTHERS could view something I’ve said or done as funny but then I’d be over it and all butt-hurt that they just couldn’t let it go. Now there’s a word….Butt-hurt, what does it mean? Okay just for the hell of it I now need to go look it up…please bare with…. Okay I’m back with a definition ( the internet is an amazing place,) Eh-hm, BUTT-HURT: Offended, upset, or angry, usually by a small slight or a friendly insult. As in, “Oh come on I was just joking, don’t be all butt-hurt,”  There ya go people lesson for the day is over.

Really did you think I was gonna let you go without rambling more? Really, don’t you know me by now?? Now where was I; oh yes, laughing at one’s self… (which is a lesson all unto itself,) but seriously my real point was with 28 days into the new year I have done some blogging and am working on three different stories. So yes I’ve been writing…probably not as much as I would like, or my publisher would like but it is there.The energy that appears with the prospect of new characters is amazing, it does however make me think about the process and progression of older characters. Why are they not talking to me, what is holding them up? Are they not developed enough? No I don’t think that’s the issue, I think…(maybe, please tell me it isn’t me that does this,) I simply over think the story, the characters, the plot…

Is that possible? Take Rayne for instance; the ability to progress and tell more of her story is there. The idea was for a present day relative finding a journal and following Rayne’s journey. Simple right…except that present day relative has a life of her own, she has things going on too, she can’t spend her life living through her great great great grandparent. How much of this new characters life do I let play out in this story.Err it’s so crazy making at times…Not to worry though I’ll get this figured out, along with the laughing at myself, cuz let’s face it, I can do and say some pretty funny things…Hell we all can, ask me about and I’ll tell you 😉

Have a great day ya’ll! (Ooh I let myself go all southern like there!!)


  1. Plus it is now fun to laugh with you on instances that you have done. You make our life more enjoyable daily and I for one am glad to have you as a friend.

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