Life goes on…or like water off a ducks back, (A day in the life of a writer)

I’d like to say that life has somewhat settled down, however it’s only been a mere few hours since yesterday and the curse of the laptop killer. But the sky’s are blue, the clouds are the kind that make you want to lie on the grass and just day dream, so I’m going to be positive and embrace the day! I won’t focus on the fact that while taking the trash to the curb I lost control of the bin and that I had to pick up the bags that spilled out of the toppled trash can… I will shrug and give thanks that I am blessed and can afford to purchase, use and dispose of the items in those bags of trash. I will be grateful that I am still able to handle the trash cans (for the most part) and wheel them out to the curb!

I will smile and acknowledge that my animals love me and adore me so much that they want to be with me where ever I go…that the demon kitten, feels such love that in the wee hours of morning when he is lonely he is comfortable enough to come up on the bed, and gently…(or not) walk  across the top of my head. That he knows deep in his heart that I won’t mind sharing my pillow…that indeed, I will even pull the blankets over him and pull his small (yeah uh huh) body close to mine and provide him with warmth. And that when he is warm I or HJ won’t mind the paws in our faces as he pushes us away from him…after all it is a queen sized bed and it is kitten’s comfort that we are most concerned about!

We as a species tend to worry about things that in reality don’t matter. Yes things annoy us, upset us, they go wrong, and life isn’t always how we want it to be…but we need to look past all that is wrong in our world and realize that it could always be worse.  Yes I deal with pain on a daily bases, I get down because I don’t always feel I am pulling my weight in our household…my wife is the major bread winner, she is responsible for the mortgage and bills, and groceries for the most part. But I have to remember, and she is pretty good at reminding me, that I do my share, I support her ability to do all that she does… (sometimes I disagree because well…isn’t what I do for her what any one does for the one they love?) The thing is, even though I hurt and some days are worse than others, I can still get up and move, I can still take out the trash, do the dishes, make sure the laundry is done, feed myself…I am not wheelchair bound, immobile. I have my ability to walk, the use of both my hands, even though they sometimes don’t want to cooperate. There are those out in the world who don’t.

I guess my point is this, and I take this from an old high school teacher of mine…(being young and stupid then, I didn’t realize the lessons he was teaching me or the fact that he cared about me to some degree.) anyway he said, “Life is what you make it. If you want it to be difficult it will be. It’s all a matter of perspective.”

Life in perspective for me…I have a good life, I have children and a grandchild that love me, I have parents that I can still go to for advice or a shoulder to cry on. I have amazing friends and have surrounded myself with people who care about ME, who do not ask for anything other than for me to return that care. I have a loving supporting spouse, who understands that I am human and make mistakes, but knows that she brings out the best in me. I am lucky enough to have a roof over my head and food on the table as well as clothes on my back. Yes, life is good and even though there are bumps in the road, life goes on. I will be the duck who lets that water roll off it’s back and not care. (At least until the next time the car breaks down or something like that…)

P.S. Mr. Jim Barnes, I hope you are up in heaven looking down on me and saying, “Yup she was one of mine,” I wasn’t smart enough to say thank you then, and you were taken before I grew enough to know and say it. But thank you, your words stuck with me, and I finally got the message. I hope in some way have made you proud, because it was an honor to have known you.

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