Just another rant…(A day in the life of a writer)

Have you ever had one of those days that everything you touch just goes to hell?  Yup that’s me today, and while I KNOW it isn’t all me it just makes me want to pull my hair out.

My morning starts out normal enough, I wake up go through my routine, head out to the kitchen for coffee and to make breakfast…simple enough and accomplished without incident! Then I head out to my six week Dr.s appt…again no big deal, until I find out that for some reason the last bill was returned unpaid and had to be resubmitted to my insurance, okay it’ll work out I know I have insurance and everything is good. I give the receptionist my insurance card and all the appropriate information, head in to see the Doc, come back out and am told, “Gee I’m sorry but under the information you just provided we are finding that you have no benefits.” UH WHAT?? NO that can’t be right!!  Now we all know that even under the best of times doctors visits aren’t exactly cheap, the regular prescriptions, lab work, none of it is cheap, not to mention hospital visits…more precise emergency room visits. (Remember the inadvertent overdose of Ambien?) Yeah…I’m in the car freaking out as I think of all this as I drive home. Worried over how are we going to pay all of this, and more importantly….HJ is NOT going to be happy with this development…(not that she over reacts over little things like this, or that I blame her in this case. Because hey I’m not happy and a little bit freaked out.) So, I walk in the door, she asks how the appointment went and if I got in trouble for the little weight gain, the skipped blood test, whatever… well yes, yes I did but at the moment that is THE LEAST of my worries I tell her. She tells me to just breathe, ( I hate when she is rational, ) and call the insurance people. Insurance people!!! OH thank you Jesus my sweet, brilliant sister happens to work for the group my plan is through! I call her, and sure enough, I’m covered for everything, it’s just a change in billing and cards and I presented the receptionist with the wrong card, and sis will make sure I get the correct card in the mail asap. Have I mentioned that I adore my brilliant sis? (I in fact have two sweet brilliant sisters which I adore…) crisis handled.

Ok so on to real work, because hey lets face it those books don’t just write themselves. I break out my trusty laptop and hit the power button….it does it’s thing and then starts this awful beeping…well hell this can’t be good…I mean beeping is never good right? I do what any person does I shut it off, I can always reboot in safe mode and run diagnostics on it, even do a restore if I have to so there ya go!  Uh again that’s a big no. It’s beeping again stops and then nothing…windows will not load…ugh are you kidding me? Okay not a problem HJ is pretty damned handy with these kinds of things, and in the meantime I do have a back up that I can use. I will deal. ( I’m pretty good that way…) boot up the back up and guess what….BEEEEPPPPPPP…. OH F*&%. This isn’t happening, I can’t be responsible for the death of two laptops. In short yes yes I am… I am a laptop killer. Normally my beautiful HJ is a miracle worker, but in the last week she has had to deal with numerous technology issues. Our cable provider insisted we needed to update our modem to a new digital one…okay normally again not a problem did that and then our router couldn’t find our network…went and got a new router set it up, works woohoo! Now our printer won’t recognize the network…she is moving things around from one drive to another and loses a program with lord knows how many years of passwords. (This was last Friday, I came home to a very unhappy spouse, let me just say.) Anyway, I hand her the laptop she looks at, hears the beep of the back up and says…”This is how done I am with technology, we’re going to Best Buy and you’re getting a new laptop.” But honey, I can limp through… “NO you can’t, one is dead and the other is going, and most importantly I don’t have the patience to deal with either; so it’s a new laptop for you and don’t argue. (Ok, do I look stupid enough to argue with my wife, no I don’t think so…)

Well, here I sit with brand new laptop trying to figure out why Google is crashing and I keep getting booted from our internet connect…which was never an issue before the needed the update to the modem. Gotta lot innovation and modern technology…

Pen and notebook here I come!


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