BLAH Days…(A day in the life of a writer)

Yup when it rains it pours…and maybe it’s just present mood and circumstance, but let me tell you I’m feeling like a caged animal.

It has nothing to do with actual rain, just a lot of stress. Change…there are times that change really rocks, and it’s all good and happy and exciting; and then there are those times that it sucks and we’d do anything to keep it from happening. But it is what it is and we move along whether we like it or not, and we deal with the ramifications. Today I am reminded that stress is NOT a friend. (Maybe that’s why they say stress is a killer…)

Any way, I’m sitting here once again aching and hurting, and knowing that I need to accomplish some kind of work whether it be a blog or some actual writing on the book and struggling with getting the hands to cooperate, the characters to speak to me, and the motivation to push for something. At the moment the urge to climb back into bed and pull the covers up over my head  is appealing, but there is this tiny voice in the back of my head that says “push ahead, don’t give in…”

Alas here I am rambling I’m sure. But I’m asking my characters what it is they want me to say about them, what little glimpse into their lives they want me to show. Funny how I’m not getting a response today. Maybe I should just go back to bed, and ignore the fact that I’m a writer. UGH I hate moods like this….

Okay I’m done torturing all of you for the time being, I think I’ll go listen to something like “DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY”



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