It’s a brand new year, what a way to start it…

Welcome to 2015! I can’t believe how fast 2014 went by can you?

This year I plan on writing more, on publishing more, maybe getting into shape…yada yada know how that goes. But as of today my main goal is to not overdose on sleeping pills. (Sounds like a damn good goal don’t you think?) Oh and yes on writing more.

I know the first part of that main goal is sort of a no brainer right? It was a complete and total mistake. Though some good lessons were learned; here’s what happened.

When one has a normal regimen it almost becomes second nature. We don’t really think about what we’re doing just that we’re doing it. We wake up, go to the bathroom first thing, brush our teeth, stumble to the kitchen for coffee…at night we take the dog out, come in lock up the house, get our pajamas on, brush our teeth and so on. For me, Monday nights mean RA meds…Embrel injection and Methotrexate in that order, along with the nightly dose of Ambien. So here I am following my normal routine for Mondays, I do my injection,  I reach for the med bottle that hold the Methotrexate and I pour out six tiny tablets and pop them in my mouth and follow it with a healthy swig of water. And then my brain says wait a sec…you just swallowed six pills, why not eight? Hm I say to my brain I don’t know cuz there were only six pills in the bottle? My brain tells me to look at the bottle, which I do and I say out loud…”Oh crap I just did something really stupid,”

Now for all you with wives, what is the first thing she says when she hears the words ‘I did something stupid’? She looks at you with that look that says, ‘I’m really not going to want to hear what you just did am I’ It’s a cross between concern and bafflement at the level of stupidity that one can manage. My loving HJ looks at me and says “What?” Well okay I’m worried because well…I just swallowed six sleeping pills…and while I don’t always remember things after taking them, I KNOW I really won’t be remembering anything after this…hell I may not be waking up, so I’m a little scared too. I tell her what I did, all the while thinking through what we have in the house that could possible make me vomit. HJ is saying “So we go to the hospital tonight,” “Let me see if I can get them to come up first…” “What are you going to do?” “I don’t know…the thought of a drinking a raw egg makes me gag so maybe..” (FYI raw eggs are nasty in my opinion.)

Okay, it helps some but ya know there really is no way of knowing what came up. So off to the hospital we go. And the very last thing I remember is the Dr. telling me that I would be fine, that he has had people that OD on 700 mg of Ambien. (I took 60 mg.) According to my wife, I was a total mess. I’m told that I kept trying to open the car door because I need to check the road…that we live along the zebra trail, and I didn’t want to get our house because zebras are loud. Apparently I face planted in the nurses chest then announced that she didn’t have the right boobies. (I should get points for knowing that while that drugged just sayin’)

The thought of overdosing on anything is scary, the aftermath could have been much worse. For anyone who reads this and take meds that have the potential to be deadly, please pay attention to what you’re doing. I was lucky in so many ways, the fact that I was in one place one minute and woke up in a totally different place scared the hell out of me…especially when I think with any other drug, I could have not woken up period. ALWAYS be aware of what you are taking.

Now I’m going to go yell at the zebras…god they are loud…

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