Ten Writing Prompts

good ideas!

Writing Tips

Whether your looking for an idea for a book, or just another scene, you might find these effective ideas to spark your imagination.

  1. Listen to your favorite song and write a story to it.
  2. What if the first think you see when you look up? Now write a scene, description or purpose based around it.
  3. Look through a history book or an encyclopedia and write about anything that catches your eye.
  4. Watch a movie that is close to your story’s time line, characters, plot, etc.
  5. Watch the people around you for character ideas. Go to the mall, get on the bus, or just watch your family members.
  6. Look through a book of old paintings and make up stories for the scenes you see.
  7. Go back on memory lane and think about the games you played as a kid. See if any of those games have potential for a great story.
  8. Read these…

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