All Characters Are You – And Aren’t

The Stories That Stay With You

If you’ve spent a much time as I have finding reading about tropes (which, hopefully you haven’t – TV Tropes is a time-sucking black hole), you’ve heard of the Author Avatar, a character who people assume is a stand-in for the author – like Wesley Crusher on Star Trek (yuck). That’s not what I’m talking about in the title.

Nor am I talking about the other side. The characters that seem like a space-aliens (even when they’re not) whose actions and thoughts make no sense. It’s because, in that case, you haven’t put enough of yourself into them. They don’t seem human, they seem like robots-heck, robot characters have more life. 

So what am I talking about? Well, every character has a part of you in them. They, after all, were created by you. Everything they say, think, do, and are is dictated and created by you. Being an author can…

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