The wandering mind

I’m a writer…and as such it stands to reason that I live in my own little world inside my head. Great concept since what could possibly be wrong with my little world? There is no terrorist threat unless I want there to be, no worry of some deadly disease, no starving children or homelessness to deal with. There can be nothing but sunshine and bunnies if I want or a cozy drizzling rain that’s setting the mood for a romantic afternoon.

Where is the problem in that…well there isn’t one really unless you’re in the middle of a scene and your mind wanders to oh I don’t know, maybe the price of tea in China. There go the bunnies running off in a sudden down pour of rain which threatens the mass array of tunnels that is their home. See? What does the price of tea in China have to do with bunnies and a downpour? I don’t know…but I do know that at times it does nothing for the creative process.

Thoughts at times float by at a leisurely pace, a pace where I can grab them and examine them, perhaps find a use for them; at other times they are lightening quick and are gone as quickly as they appeared. Those…those are the thoughts that bug me the most, because as they occur, I know they are brilliant…I know they are the next big thing to write about, the one that’s gonna skyrocket me to fame…and where are they…gone. Snuffed out like a moth that ventured to close to the flame.

Focus…that’s the key. Focus on the words in front of me, of the story that’s in my head. Imagine that my latest heroine isn’t at my mercy and is following her instincts and right on the heels of a killer. Imagine that the only forks in the road are the ones that my characters find, the ones that THEY decide to follow, not because my mind wandered off and created some wormhole they are powerless to ignore.

Perhaps I need to be more disciplined…but then again where would this blog be if I had that discipline? There are times that a wandering mind is a good thing, we all need to stop and smell the roses or the pine trees depending on the season and area you’re in. Yeah, don’t sweat the small stuff…I think that will be my advice for today.

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