The merriment of the holidays

bigpreview_Christmas Decorations Last blog I wrote about the adventures of putting up our Christmas tree and all the various inside decorations. I am happy to report that it is all complete, minus a few things since new things appear and space is limited. I am also happy to report that while I still think there are to many ornaments hanging from the tree, I realized that it could it be a lot worse.

My wife who from here on shall be referred to as HJ, and I have two different ideas of what a tree should look like. HJ prefers lights lights lights and ornaments hanging from every branch; ornaments of every shape and size and variety, her philosophy is the more the better. Now my idea is simple…a decorated tree should be well balanced with just the right amount lights and ornaments. It should reflect the family that has put it up. I like lights that twinkle, and fade in and out, ornaments that have a story behind them and that follow a sort of theme. I like pine cones and little silver bells, angels and stars. I like snowflakes and trees that have the illusion of a light dusting of snow on them.

I like trees that have beautifully wrapped gifts under them, boxes with red, white, blue, gold and silver shiny paper. Shiny…that’s the thing that reels me in. Hmm could give one the idea that I’m like a squirrel, easily distracted by a shiny object… not so my friends. Electronics possibly but never anything shiny. I like trees that do not hide ninja kittens ready to attack, nor do I particularly like hearing a noise coming from the tree and looking do to see a pair of wide eyes staring at me. I might go so far as to say it sort of gives me the creeps…are they (the kittens) plotting against me?

Possibly. What I do know so far this year, the demon kitten has not been such a demon. The ninja attacks have been kept to a minimum, at least towards me, Pouncer however may have a difference opinion. I’m not waking up and walking out into our living room to find ornaments scattered from one end of the room to the other after some epic midnight battle, and all the figurines HJ has lovingly placed all over the place are still in the upright position. This can only mean one thing…our baby is growing up.

My adventures outside of the house with decorations are also completed. The lights have been strung along the eves of the roof, our horse and sleigh is proudly on display, the family of reindeer is once again grazing in our front yard…from a trough this year, (my Grinch heart grew a little) and we have penguins as well.

Penguins…yes you read that correctly. Now please understand I have nothing against penguins, I absolutely love HAPPY FEET, and *looking around to see if HJ can see what I’m saying* if I could have a penguin, I just might…sshhh don’t say anything. But in my opinion, we are not at the north pole and penguins don’t just happen to run around here…therefore penguins shouldn’t be on display in my yard. Here’s how we came by the penguins.

While I was putting up the deer family I found that more than half the lights didn’t light up, and as I told my loving wife, “I’m NOT going through all of them to find the ONE light bulb that is the problem.”

“But we have to have deer, it wouldn’t be the same without them,”

“I understand, but if you want to be the one to search for that light bulb be my guest,”

“No, I’m going to go to Home Depot and find another deer family,”

“Alright if that’s what you want to do babe,” and off she and a couple of our dear friends go, in search for deer.

I’m left with our son, grand daughter and daughter in law finishing up with what lights we do have left, and I look at my son and say, “With my luck she won’t find deer and come back with penguins.”  “There’s nothing wrong with penguins,” “Well  no there isn’t, they just won’t go with everything else we have that’s all.”

A couple of hours later…(ok maybe forty five minutes later) HJ and our friends get back and HJ happily walks into the house, “Guess what I bought honey! It’s really cute!”

I’m thinking sweet she found a different kind of deer family, oooh maybe it’s the gold set we saw. So I’m all excited, I jump up and go outside where she proudly presents ….. a box containing….. a blow up snow-globe. (I dislike blow-up yard ornaments for Christmas, they just don’t belong…again I like elegant, style, classy,) “Honey it’s so cute!!” and when I don’t excitedly respond she looks at me and less excited now says “You don’t like it do you,” “No…no it is cute, I just don’t think it goes with what we have…” Really disappointed now, she says “Okay, well we can return it,” “No honey, we’ll put it up, it’ll be fine.”  “No you don’t like it, and I’m not sure where it would fit,” “Babe we’ll find a place for it.” (I know, I’m a horrible person, I’ve just crushed her dreams. STOP I feel bad enough already..)

In the mean time our college age tenant arrives and steps out of his car with a big smile on his face and all excited…”Guess what I found! I’m so excited because I’ve never been able to put them up…” AND OUT COME THE PENGUINS….. are you freakin’ kidding me?? NO NO NO…no penguins…ugh, “What’s wrong…they’re penguins,” Casey says with a touch of disappointment in his voice.  Can I be evil and crush his dreams too?? No, I can not so now we have penguins skating along with the deer and the horse drawn carriage!

Life and love are about compromise, it’s about giving and taking and making others happy. Our son is happy that he had a hand in helping with decorations, something he loves doing, our grand daughter is happy that she got to decide where the ornaments went on the tree, my wife is happy that her favorite items are on display, our adopted son Casey is happy with the skating penguins, and me….I’m happy and blessed that I’ve been graced with wonderful people in my life, family and friends.

It’s all in how you look at it.

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