Ugh…is it really November already

Once again time flies when you’re having fun…or to busy to realize it. According to the trusty stats of my blog, the last time I really blogged about anything was late October. Re blogging doesn’t count…but how can that be you ask? Well huh…gee maybe I’m just not motivated; I don’t really know.

In all honesty it’s called life, and I have no control over mine apparently. I’ve read that a true writer writes everyday, it doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life you make time even if it’s just ten minutes…you write. November is NaNoWriMo National Novel Writing Month) and I along with countless others decided that..”Hell ya, I can do that! 50,000 plus words in 30 days…no biggie!” Uh-huh…toss in everyday life, packing and unpacking for your spouses travels, laundry, house work, ELECTIONS, voting…(did I mention that my wife is an activist? Which makes me a part time activist?) Busy, busy, busy….not to mention that sometimes those story lines that an author has don’t always cooperate.

Let’s break this down a bit, ya’ll got the everyday life part because…well ya’ll deal with that too! WAY TO GO! YA’LL ROCK!! Elections; well I’m not particularly fond of discussing politics, because it’s like religion, we aren’t all gonna agree or see each others points of view. I don’t care how ya vote, who you vote for, just for cryin out loud do it. We have that privilege, exercise it.

Now for the big one…those damn story-lines, and ideas, the plots and characters that won’t or don’t want to cooperate with you when you need them to. I hate when that happens.

I’m a relatively new author, I am lucky enough to have four books published, two are a series, ya’ll know what that means. The last book I’m sad to say isn’t doin all that well, and well that happens. We can’t all be Steven King or Nora Roberts, but ya gotta keep tryin right. So I am, which is where NANOWRIMO comes in. Again how hard can it be? I have ideas, I have my trust computer, my dictionary and thesaurus, I CAN DO THIS…

Right up until the muse stops talking. Uh, hey don’t leave me high and dry, hanging in the wind with no direction. Don’t tease me with images of a fully developed character with ideals and feels, and fears only to say ‘Ha-ha, whatcha gonna do?” That’s just not fair. Okay so Rayne Mathews doesn’t want to tell me about her further adventures on the trail to the mountains of Colorado, and Luce and Jessica have settled down for a while out in the Desert Heat, where does that leave me? Maybe something will come to me, I don’t know. What I do know is that it is now ten days into the month of November, and the 50,000 word goal is on at 4181 words… can we all say disappointment?

Please please tell me I’m not the only one that feels like a complete failure right now… <insert the need for a pity party here>

<Clearing my throat,> On a possible positive side, I might have in those 4,000 odd words, have a new story. Say a little prayer that it pans out sex scenes and all…(ugh I hate writing those…)

I need coffee and a zen moment…< muttering on my way to the coffee maker, sex sells, sex sells, remember that…>

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