Things that go bump in the night…part two (or premature publication)

So I started this post earlier, at a coffee shop…on my cellphone, and well let’s just say I don’t know how to blog from my phone. For those who started reading and said…”WTF, what is this and is this all there is? What’s the point??” I’m sorry please accept my apologizes and well…here’s the rest of the story. 🙂


This post isn’t about hauntings or ghosts…at least not the ones in our homes. (Unless you count children and pets dressed in costumes.)
No I’m talking MOVIES…scary movies… Halloween movies, Yes Yes yes (insert happy DANCE here). I typically enjoy a spooky movies and again, unlike my lovely wife. Well as long as it isn’t Freddy Kruger…um he scares the crap out of me. (there is a reason, and it isn’t because I’m a wuss…)

I love the suspense, the adrenaline rush of not knowing what’s about to happen…even while sitting there screaming “Run you idiot, your about to get killed!”

Now the whole entire reason for this post is…are ya ready? Wait for it…wait for it…wait for it…. okay, What’s your FAVORITE ALL TIME SCARY MOVIE??? And WHY?

(Changing into my Beetlejuice suit, ) “Oh gee let me think, should I…I mean I always said if I was gonna do it I’d only do it once…” Ugh, sorry didn’t mean to channel Beetlejuice…hmm do I say it one more time? No?? Yeah I agree with you, it wouldn’t be a good idea to say Beetle…ooo almost said it there.

Anyway I think my answer to the question is, I don’t really have a favorite, I like most scary movies. FRIDAY THE 13TH, most of the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET,  (Yes I know I said Freddy scares me, but I’ll still watch.)  I think though that I would have to say, WHEN S STRANGER CALLS, is definitely on my list of have to watch.


In closing I have two questions for you….”Have you checked on the children?” and What’s your favorite scary movie?

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