The Sanctity of Life

Very interesting question. I’m going to have to think on this…

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The sanctity of life is an interesting question for heroes. Consider the frequency in which case a hero is presented with a series of “bad guys” through which he must cut. Often these “bad guys” are mowed down like nothing more than lumps of wood, as if they’re not real human beings (or whatever). That, or if a more mild film/book/game, the protagonist uses martial prowess to knock out all the “bad guys”. Sometimes, attention is brought to the fact that for being a “good guy”, the hero kills an awful lot of people. Even if they’re “bad guys”, killing is wrong, isn’t it?

Batman The Dark Knight certainly has a thought or two on killing “bad guys” – if only recently.

This can create a very interesting internal conflict with the hero. Just because a person is a “bad guy” doesn’t mean that they deserve death, and by dishing out…

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