A reason for writing…

What’s your reason for writing?

Is it because writing is a passion, is it because you just have to; there’s no keeping it back, because the story just won’t leave you alone?

I suppose every author has some driving force to write…and those who think it’s money; unless your name happens to be STEPHEN KING,  most of us are not rolling in the cash.

My reasons for writing are simple, it gives me an outlet for things I don’t want to talk about, or helps work out problems I’m dealing with. It’s funny but for me it’s a lot easier to deal with something if it’s not ME. Now that doesn’t mean I’ve EVER had to deal with a drug lord or being shot, or hell even living in the 1800’s (I honestly don’t think I could go back to a time with no electronics…the thought makes me shudder.) But everyone has had to learn how to let go…whether its through death, or a break-up. We’ve all had to figure out how to keep going.

Writing is therapeutic it exercises the mind and the imagination…like I tell my nephew, imagination is YOU’RE very own t.v. the one only you can see!

Why do you write, come on you can share your reasons….

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