Positive effects of family time

Happy Monday ya’ll!

Once again it appears that my grand plan of posting a blog once or twice a week isn’t panning out so well. My only excuse is this thing we call life. Pesky little thing that seems to always get in the way of the best laid plans; not that I’m complaining at all.

I’m not a person that deals with change well…at least not from warm weather to cold. With my RA it tends to cause me pain which can range from a small ache to full blown wanna cry pain, ( and usually I have a high pain tolerance.) The last couple of weeks I just haven’t been up to par…be it the weather, or just having the blahs. Either way it sort of gets a person down. In the extreme case one either has to go with the flow or pop pain pills to cope with the pain. In my case I’m so sick of pills and feeling drugged out of my skull that I tend to wait to long. (Yes honey, I’m admitting that I do not manage that portion of things well, and that I tend to be stubborn.)

The weather is turning colder, the wife has been extremely busy with traveling and phone banks (I mentioned I had to run one of those a couple of weeks ago remember; yeah she is back and NOW she gets to do that!) And I have my own things going…(a completed manuscript due in Jan…AHHHHHHH…) life is hectic. So feeling down isn’t really something to deal with right now; ah but guess what I don’t have a choice it’s there, it isn’t going anywhere, and I DO have to deal with it. Problem is how….

The answer… a generous employer who knows the gem he has working for him!  My amazing wife’s employer funded a family day for us, his family, my family…including my son, daughter in law and granddaughter…and another couple and their son! In retrospect I have to saw it was an amazing time.

Remember I’m not a social person, I tend to not like people a whole lot and would prefer to not have to come out of my cave to deal with them, but there are times one must take off the underoos and put on big boi undies and deal, so I did. My lovely lady and I drove up to Denver on Thursday afternoon, met with her boss on Friday and then were joined by our son and his family. Being parents, my wife and I understand that when you’re young sometimes money and the cost of a hotel room may be an issue, so we shared the room with them.

Keep in mind the granddaughter is just turning five. She is excited at the thought of the Zoo, there’s a sleep over with grandma’s, it’s all new and we’re just bouncing with energy….AND there is still the nightly ritual to go through, “daddy I’m thirsty, daddy I want my stuffed animal…(which was left at home,) daddy I forgot to brush my teeth…” all parents know those lines right… AND we all know and fondly remember…. “I NEED A NIGHT LIGHT!!!!”

For parents whose children are older, do you remember this…the shrill at that moment that the lights go out and the demand is issued that it’s to dark and “I NEED the light on.”? Well, we heard that. And guess what…we don’t have a night light, and we aren’t going to sleep with the lights on…so my son in a very patient loving voice only a father can have says “I’m sorry baby we don’t have a night light, but you’re a big girl and I know you can handle the dark. But if you really need one, look see my phone has a light, it will work.”  NOooo…I CAN’T see anything…”  (Imagine the quivering heart-break in that tiny voice…there ya go,)

“It’s okay princess, I’m right here, mommy is right here, Gma’s are here you’ll be safe.”  At this point little does little one know that the grandma’s are laughing their heads off, cuz well we can and it’s funny. And to make things worse, we hear this little voice say, as a dim glow comes from the other-side of the room…”I SEE YOU NOW!” said in a joyful tiny voice of a child who has just pulled a fast one on daddy. Yes she got the phone on in the dark and managed to find the flash light and turn it on. Now my wife and I are clamping our hands over our mouths to keep from full grown belly laughing and we hear from son… “GIVE ME THAT PHONE AND CLOSE YOUR EYES,” you know all full of authority…now people, tell me how do you honestly keep the laughter in? I’m not sure how we did but we somehow managed to, and slowly quietness falls into the room.

Anyone guess what happens next??

I’m a parent of three so I know…and I’m waiting and watching, and in the darkness I see this little body climbing into bed with mommy and daddy and then a few minutes later….”Daddy I’m thirsty,”

Remembering to look through the eyes of a child can work wonders at times. Even through the general aches and pains that this time of year brings to my body, remembering those times with my children; seeing the amazement and wonder in the eyes of granddaughter as see fed a porcupine and felt the skin of a snake reminded me how all those little things can make life so enjoyable and have a positive effect on a person. I’m ready to go and the ideas are flowin, so maybe I’ll make that January dead line after all

Remember no matter how you feel or how busy you are take time for those you love, family members…or friends, make memories and smell the roses.

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