Get real: tips for keeping your writing on track

Thanks for this, I’m struggling with keeping on track right so a lot of this is very helpful.

Belinda Williams

At the moment I’m trying to get inside a demon’s head, and I’m struggling. Some may suggest this is because I’m not a demon. While this point has merit, deep down I already know what the real problem is.

Living the story or ‘method’ writing

You often hear about actors adopting method acting when preparing for and performing a role. Every writer is different, but I find when I’m truly absorbed in writing and developing a story, I start to feel those characters emotions and predicaments.

It’s fair to say that achieving this level of ‘method’ writing, takes commitment. It requires ignoring the world around you to a certain extent and sometimes this just isn’t possible.

Take for example the last few months of my life: I’ve been juggling the usual family and work commitments, but I’ve also been preparing for the release of my new contemporary romance novel, The…

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