Practice makes perfect, keep trying, and other words of wisdom

Practice makes perfect, don’t give up keep trying, Rome wasn’t built in a day, it’s like learning to ride a bike; once you learn you never forget.

What do those all mean, because well no shit Rome wasn’t built in a day! (At least not by us mere humans. By aliens maybe it was…we weren’t there so HOW do we know?)

Practice makes perfect, if you fall off the horse you have to get right back on, try and try again…Really? Seriously I’ve been on a horse maybe once in my life, and let me tell ya it was gonna hurt if I fell, so why in God’s name would I want to get back on? So that I could fall again; uh, no I don’t think so! I remember as a child taking piano lessons (lord I hated those,) and learning the sax and clarinet in high school band (Talented wasn’t I 😉 ) The piano was my parents idea, I think they thought it would be a good way to get me to be that girl who wore those flowy dresses at recitals. YUCK…sit up straight, don’t look at your fingers find middle c…” *shivering at the memories* The clarinet was sort of my idea, but only because mom and dad not only said no to drums but HELL NO. (No drums, no guitar, no trombones, trumpets, cornets…nothing fun *SIGH*) So alright the clarinet wasn’t so bad, and well since I learned to play that AND I joined the jazz band, it wasn’t a giant leap to a sax…and hey girls dig saxophone players right? (SHH don’t tell mom or dad.)

PRACTICE, Practice, practice…see the thing is, no matter how hard or long I practiced, I was never that good. I kept trying, I spent hours working on certain sections of my sheet music in hopes of getting that coveted position of first chair. NEVER happened…I think that’s what destroyed this littles butches heart in the end. (Not really but it sounded good.) Keep trying…ugh.

Fast forward to.. erhmm… years later, life experiences behind me, love found and lost, broken hearts mended and broken and mended again, yay I’m a grown up and I know the answers…yup huh-huh…because grownups all have the answers right? Funny how we all thought that at one point. The only thing is, the answers we have aren’t to any of the questions we have now. NOW the question in my head are along the lines of…okay you’re a writer, you have books published, can you keep it up? CAN YOU write another good book? What’s holding you back from just doing it?? IS there life on another planet, and will they find us and kill us for the planet we call home? (Just kidding on the last one.)

Doubts, they plague us all and to some degree I think they make us just a little better. But we have to keep trying. We at some point have to stand up and say “Hell yeah I got this, and I’ll prove it to you.” At some point we have to face that fear, that doubt and plunge ahead…because Rome wasn’t built in a day, and sometimes practice does make perfect. Sometimes, we do surprise ourselves. Where am I going with this…hell I don’t know, maybe it’s just more rambling thoughts…a better way to procrastinate… NAH

In the end, those are words of wisdom, and sometimes they are just the words needed to give that soft push…. JUST DO IT!images

(Now about the life on other planets plotting to kill us…)

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