Just do it…(A day in the Life of a Writer)

Yesterday I blogged about possibly not feeling well and being easily distracted and completely unorganized. As you all may know, there is no real cure for disorganization, unless one has the funds to hire someone to get you organized…and well, I’m a starving artist type person so that equates to a big fat NO. (Besides I’ve never really understood how someone getting me organized once would ensure I’d remain organized the rest of my life…but that’s a whole other topic.) Today’s topic is organization…or the lack there of.

My good friend and fellow writer Dee Yockey suggested a mini voice recorder and recording my thoughts and notes as they occur. That’s a good suggestion and I actually do have a recorder. My problem is simply this…I feel completely and utterly stupid talking to myself! (Well that, and the fact that my lovely would look at me as if I’d lost my ever-lovin mind. Hmm, not that she doesn’t do that from time to time now…

Look folks, pure and simple fact is I have issues, which is probably why I am a writer! 🙂 In all honestly we all know there are people that are great at public speaking, who have that perfect voice that is clear and has each and every word perfectly enunciated. That…ugh…voice that is warm and friendly, knowledgeable and full of authority…the voice that says “Damn right I KNOW what I’m talkin about…” and is pleasant to the ear. That’s not MY voice… so in short I hate listening to my own voice. To me my voice sounds like the adults in Charlie Brown’s world…”wah wat wah wah…”

I have done research on different software programs that help with organization, different writing programs. Scrivener, Ywriter, Rough Draft… but I just can’t get it mastered and I think that just turns me off, which leaves me with the piles of post it notes stuck all over the place. I’m to the point that I think my only answer is an assistant that KNOWS what I want before I know. One that has the filing ability of a superhuman…any of you know someone like that?

Okay enough of this, I’m gonna go attempt to get used to the sound of my voice and talk to myself… If any of you hear me reply, please disregard anything say… (Does anyone know how to train a Cat to take dictation?)

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  1. Oh Dannie, you never cease to make me laugh! That is exactly what I think of my voice too. I have to wonder then if anyone likes the sound of their voice (Besides music stars and James Earl Jones) As far as the assistant goes, you live too far away for me to keep you organized…it is a shame as I am one of the few people I know who actually likes to file and loves being a PA for someone who is.. shall we say is, um, post it note dependent. I can not wait to hear what you come up with next!

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