I’ve decided that for a writer, I do a crap load of other stuff…(A day life of a writer)

I’m sitting here with my morning cup of coffee, thinking through my day and what all is on the table that needs to be taken care of today. Since the headache is finally vacating my brain cavity, writing is definitely on the table, laundry…eh it can wait another day, lunch and dinner; will since the wife is once again on the road…it’s a whatever you can find kind of week. (YES honey I do eat while you’re gone I promise.) Yardwork is always a need to do, but since it’s rained, its not gonna happen today. So okay it looks like I can devote a whole lot of time to writing! Yup…that’s the plan until I come across the papers for a phone bank that my lovely wife is suppose be doing, but since she is out of town, has left me in charge of.

Yes, my lovely is an activist, it’s her passion (second to me of course,) and well it is election time. Now remember that I fully support my wife in anything and everything she does, but really, phone banking, rallying, public speaking…it’s not my thing. I don’t like doing it. I’ll go, and I’ll help set up, and make sure there is food and drink and what not, but for the love of God don’t think I’m gonna make calls. (Notice how well I put my foot down on that one right there?)

Scheduling…it all comes down to that. And that right there my friends is how I get to make phone calls tonight. I get to fire up the volunteers, give pep talks about how to speak to complete strangers about supporting this candidate or this bill. UH, ME give pep talks…ya’ll, I DON’T like getting up in front of people and talkin! I’m a writer, I have my characters to speak for me, I for lack of a better way to put it, would rather hide behind my characters. My wife, Rayne, Luce, Jessica…they are the outgoing ones, me…I LIKE my little corner where no one can notice me. I prefer to watch others, to see how they handle things. But no not tonight; tonight I get to put on a smile, turn on the charm (wait do I have charm? HONEY…honey am I charming?), and again pretend to know what I’m doing! Hmm…there’s a theme emerging here :)!

Not really, I know what I’m doing, I’ve done this before but I don’t like to do it…but thats the thing right? We all do things we don’t like to do for the ones we love. My wife doesn’t like to travel, but here she is traveling for work, because she loves me. I go to events where there are people, strangers who know me…well okay know who I am, and I put that smile on, engage in polite conversation with them, because I love my wife and it’s important to her. All for the love of a woman….god I love her.

….I wonder if there are any public speaking courses I can do in a couple of hours…public-speaking-fear

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