My Rules for Good Writing

I'm a Writer, Yes, I Am!

I won’t guarantee anything if you follow these rules. You may never get anywhere as a writer and you might. But having read Elmore Leonard’s list, I decided to post my own. Bear in mind I am not a successful novelist, unless success means writing good books that  you can believe in.

1) Get to know your characters. While they may contain attributes of your personality (they certainly will) they are not you. Don’t force them or over control them. Aristotle was right in his description of unity of character. If you know your characters they will live on your page. The other unities — place and time — are a bit easier to control, but the people you create must LIVE in the world where you have placed them.

2) Proofread. This is very difficult for me because I’m dyslexic but it’s difficult for anyone to read their…

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