Inspiration in the middle of the night

As we all know, inspiration can hit at anytime. Mine typically hit in the wee hours of image93morning as I lie in bed trying to get to sleep.

It never fails, I can sit in front of my computer all day long staring at the screen and that damn blinking cursor as the words, thoughts, twists and turns of my story evade me. But let my head hit the pillow and wham thought from A to Z assaults my brain at once. “Just get up and write,” you say. Uh huh, yeah because I haven’t thought of that already. (no sarcasm intended there.) I have tried that. I’ve ever so quietly slipped from my warm bed, in such a manner as to not disturb my sleeping wife, (because it’s like three in the morning and well, she’ll be up in a matter of three more hours.) I grab my pen and notebook and head out to the living room, or office and sit down, ready to slap those ideas down! …. and….all those brilliant ideas I just had mere moments ago have vanished. They’re gone, they’ve disappeared as sure as the dinosaurs have.

So what do I do, well I sit and wait and hope that they will return. After all if you love something set it free, if it returns its yours…right? (Um, maybe that wasn’t exactly what that quote was about…but damn it I LOVED the ideas I had. THEY WOULD have made one hell of a story! I could have made millions, and been able to buy that ranch style home in mountains. Sorry I got a little carried away there. Yup, nothing…no spark no ideas, no words are flowing through my pen to the crisp white paper in front of me…nothing. So I do what any normal person would do, I stand, turn out the light and head back to my bed. I trip over one cat, who looks at me as though he is saying,” DUDE what the hell didn’t you see me standing there?” Answer, NO I didn’t see you…you’re black and uh really…the lights are out!”

I get to edge of the bed and go to sit and…wait there’s this lump there, a tiny little head is lifted off the pillow and tiny little eyes are peering at me. The kitten emits a soft meow, as if he is asking me, “Why, must you wake me. Don’t you see how comfortable I am laying next to mommy with my head on your pillow?”

Incase you don’t know me, and well let’s be honest, you probably don’t; but I have some very set ideas on what is acceptable from my pets and what they are allowed to do. I don’t like dogs sitting at my feet looking at me while I eat, it just bugs me. Call me cruel, but I don’t like either dogs or cats eating off the same plate as I am using. Cat’s do not drink out of my glass or cup or cereal bowl (I know, I’m just such a picky person.) I can tolerate cats on the bed, as long as they are at the foot of the bed. It’s MY bed after all. IF cats want under the blanket, (because I understand it’s cold and they want to be warm too) okay, but again NOT in my SPOT…(I know, it’s warm; which is why I want back in there.)

Being a rational person, I understand I have two options…I can move the cat, because as i’ve said before, I am human, I am bigger than you and I can; or I can just go out to the living room and crash on the sofa. Yeah…not to big on the sofa idea. BUT hey kittens can sleep on the sofa!! Guess which option I take.

Ah, the bed is soft, my head is on my pillow and I have the blankets pulled up over me and all is right in my world. My beautiful wife senses my return and snuggles up against me, (she must be cold) a smile crosses my lips; yes all is right in the world.

Oooo what about a story about a lawyer who hooks up with a cop who looking into a cold case in which the lawyers, uncle is a suspect….

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