It’s a bright sun shining day… NOT (A day in the life of a writer)

There is nothing like going to bed and hearing the falling drops of rain as they hit the ground. I love that sound, to me it’s relaxing, it soothes my mind, I feel like all my cares and worries are being washed away. There are times when it just simply takes me back to when I was a child, with not a care in the world other than would I be able to watch SCOOBY DOO or would the weather interfere with the T.V. reception. Those were the days my friend… we thought they would never end.. (damn it I hate when song lyrics pop into my head.) Where was I; oh yes rain drop gently hitting the ground. (No thunder..cuz that just scares me.)

I love rainy days, and rainy nights, I hate waking up to rain though…I know doesn’t make sense. (Its all good if it starts when I’m awake and it puts me to sleep! There ya go!) This morning I wake up to the loving doggy barking nothing out of the ordinary, it’s been hours since she went. I yawn and stretch, and go get her, scratch behind her ears and put her leash on…STILL being responsible did ya catch that? Walk to the back patio door and open it up, now keep in mind, I’m not entirely awake, have had no caffeine yet. I step out and what do i find? That’s right…cold…wet…pavement. BURRR.

But wait rain is good, it’s perfect for writing right? I mean you can’t mow the grass, which is in need of a trim, you can’t do any yard work and you definitely can’t just hang out outside. Rain is perfect for a writer. Uh-huh, not me…not today. (And yes I have been working on the book and not just blogging so na na na na na na….) For some reason today the rain just has me feeling down, feeling blah.

I do believe I need a pick me up, what do you all do when you’re feeling blah and not feeling like doin anything?

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