I’m BAACCCKKK, (a day in the life of a writer…)



I’m bacck, yeah I know I was just here a couple of days ago and that I’m neglecting the book, but well sometimes one needs time away to work shit out. (Damn characters never cooperate with my thought process,) 

Any way, last time I was here I asked a question, and well as of yet have not received any feedback..which is alright, after all just because MY muse is off doing other things doesn’t mean everyone’s is. So I decided to pick up a book (my kindle) and do some reading, just for pleasure; and I got to wondering. What did I wonder you ask, well let me tell you! WHAT DO AUTHORS READ? No it isn’t a ridiculous question and one that doesn’t deserve thought, I mean does an author read books from the genre he writes, or does he read say westerns or syfy? Does he read how to books, or those deep thought provoking ones? I know, I know authors are people and we all have our preferences, but I’d LOVE to know what kinds of books PATRICIA CORNWELL reads. Does JOHN SANFORD read oh I don’t know say TOLSTOY? What books inspired them to write, what books take them into another world where they aren’t the ones creating?

I look at my bookshelf (both the physical one and the electronic one) and I find books from one spectrum to the other. (I also happen to share said bookshelves with my wife…I told her sharing was tricky. I mean where does one draw the line? First it’s my food then my blanket and now my bookshelf?) Our bookshelves have cookbooks, thrillers, mysteries, romance, (and yes maybe some erotica). Books about JESUS and the DEAD SEA SCROLLS, we have how to books and picture books, books by yes, JOHN SANFORD and PATRICIA CORNWELL. (We both love the PREY series and I love the KAY SCARPETTA series)

I also happen to like authors like KG MACGREGOR, LORI L. Lake and LESLIE FEINBERG…and I adore DEE YOCKEY’s books. Her book REDEMPTION, is a thriller that is mixed with romance that you won’t wanna to put down. 

 I suppose in the end it really doesn’t matter who reads what, as long as we READ. As I tell my nephew, books open up our imagination and allow us to think, WE have to envision the story, WE get to watch it unfold in front of us as WE see it, not someone else. 

Keep reading, people!! (OH and what’s on YOUR bookshelf?)

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