What would you take…

It’s Labor Day week, (ok the last day of a the day weekend, but it still counts.) And guess what? I got to spend the whole weekend with my lovely wife…no work, she didn’t crack her computer open once, and I’m almost certain she didn’t check email from her phone either!
For about the last or so…(month, year) my wife has been crazy ass  busy, getting up at the crack of dawn and going to bed after midnight; toss in travel and not sleeping well, cuz she’s not in her own bed, so you can imagine her exhaustion level. So just to get so relaxation we took off yesterday for a nice drive in the mountains, with two of our best friends. It was a super nice day, how could it not be, good friends, beautiful weather, fantastic scenery truly a nice day.

During conversation a question was asked….And it was one that none of us could really come up with and answer too. The question was this… if you could travel back in time and take one thing from today what would that item be? Do the answer change with the time period you’re traveling back to?? Does your profession made a difference in what you choose?  For instance…I’m a writer, common sense says as long as I have pencil and paper I should be good to go! But, wait I’m not really good at taking notes, so a voice recorder makes total sense…but uh, NO ONE read my hand writing, so a typewriter or laptop could work. The laptop would be better cuz it could double as a recorder, score!!  Would a laptop even work I mean traveling back in time, depending on when, did that technology exist (probably not,) so will my 2014 hp work in 1920?  Traveling and not worrying about profession changes the question in my opinion, say I am transported back to the 1800’s. With modern medicine, I can make it through the day relatively free of pain. (My RA, is somewhat controlled with Embrel and methotrexate,) those would have to go with me. But then uh wait, I’m absolutely hooked on my electronics…My tablet, my kindle, laptop, IPod, cellphone, Facebook…crap what’s one to do? Well, NO electronics (remember its back in time,  And while it could be a year… it could be a hundred,) so with my luck it would be a hundred, I suppose there is always actual interaction with other people…there is getting to know those around you. (That also means, up at the crack of dawn working hard all day long, and…really understanding what it means  be alive and earning a good nights sleep,) Maybe a simpler life is the answer.

So what one item would you take with you if you traveled back in time? (I really would like to hear some of your thoughts and answers. Send me your thoughts !

Dannie Marsden

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