Today I ponder… And yes THIS is about Writing

The sun is shining, I have my cup of hot coffee in front of me, my lovely is in her chair working and all is as it should be!

Yes, can you believe it there are no issues with the water heater, the dog is behaving…well okay she is outside barking her head of at the blades of grass the the breeze is blowing around, but that’s normal for her; and the two cats are getting along and sleeping cuddled up next to eachother! Yes it is amazing and a wonderful world today.

I am however pondering something…”Are you pondering what I’m pondering?” (yeah, I still have Pinky and the Brain floating around in my head for some reason.) But you probably aren’t pondering what I am… so I’ll tell you. As a fiction writer we have characters in our heads, doing all sorts of things…one is a cowboi from the 1800’s, one is a D.E.A. agent..(yes my voices are all over time and space.) I’m actually toying with a race car driver. (nothing gets you heart goin like a girl who likes speed right?) Hey, back on track here…My question is simply this… is a writer a jack of trades and master or none? 

We spend countless hours developing our characters…filling in the little things they don’t tell us, picking away at them finding out what it is exactly that makes them tick. And even more hours doing research on their career of choice. I mean I can imagine what it was like being a female rancher in the 1800’s, but really…Uh I prefer to cook on a gas or electric stove, and when I want a steak I don’t go out and slaughter the cow. I have no clue in reality what it takes to be undercover taking down a drug lord.

But I do have an imagination and access to the world wide web. I can research and see if my thoughts are inline with what may actually happen while undercover…I can read and see images of old wood stoves, and cold rooms where blocks of ice kept meat from going bad. Does that give us writers in this day and age an advantage?

Ask me what I know about race cars…go ahead ask. Basically I know there is a car that goes fast on either a dirt or paved track with other cars doing the same. The drivers have heat resistant fire suites, (because well fire is hot so they would have to resist the heat right…) they have helmets and all sorts of seatbelts they have to hook up and lock themselves into before they can go zoom zoom zoom. (I know this because my brother-in-law used to race hobby stock and tried to teach me about. Maybe I should have listened a little more.)

I’ve heard terms such as roll cage, camshaft, torque, pistons…but what do they mean? Hell if I know…well no I take that back, the roll cage keeps the roof from caving in on you in case you roll the car. (makes sense right?) I know that the camshaft and pistons are part of the car, and torque might have something to do with ….hmm no idea. (sorry Steve and Steven I know you’re disappointed in me. But uh look at me do I look like Danica Patrick?…NO)

What do you all do to learn about ‘the job’?

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  1. Good point to ponder but I think we are Jacks-of-all-trades. Just this week one of my children came home from school all upset because she didn’t understand a history question about some long ago one time event. I had done research recently for a plot line and was able to answer her. She looked at me with utter amazement and glow. I was temporarily, as she is a teenager, her hero of the moment. It felt GREAT! Keep up the good work!

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