Whiskey, kitty cat love VS. Dentist

Hello all, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything so I figured it was about time so here I am. 

A couple of weeks ago I started having so dental work done, oh joy! (yes I know it’s a necessary evil.) After several fillings and a tooth pulled I thought all would be fine: okay yeah I still have two root canals to look forward to but those aren’t to terribly pressing so all is good to go. Yeah not the case, last week, Thursday to be exact my lovely lady and I are in Glenwood Springs, enjoying a nice evening with each other and some good food. I go to take a bite and wham, instant pain. Not a big thing I think, I just hit the sore gum line, by tomorrow it’ll be fine. UH huh, yup by the following afternoon I’m calling the dentist.

Now understand that dentists and I, we don’t…hmm how do I say this…well very simply put, they are sadistic bastards in my opinion. A fellow I went to school with is a dentist…the sweetest guy I’ve ever know, a gentle giant of a man, you know the kind that wouldn’t hurt a fly…yeah spends his days pulling teeth, and sticking needles in peoples mouths. Sadistic I tell you. I have to be in a LOT of pain to seek out a dentist, or heck even to admit maybe I should think about going to see the Dr or heaven forbid a trip to the ER is in order. (My lovely says I’m just to damn stubborn, but I’m not I really just don’t like going to the Dr’s.) Anyway, it’s Friday afternoon and ohhh look the weekend is coming up, so yeah not gonna get it to see the dentist until Monday. Okay I can handle it, cuz well I’m tough I can handle pain! (maybe I’m a tad stubborn, but I honestly do have a large pain threshold.)  So, Come Monday, it’ll be all right, Come Monday, I’ll be holdin’ you tight… I spent four lonely days in a brown L. A. haze And I just want you back by my side…uh sorry got carried away there. Jimmy Buffett took hold there for a sec. Monday at five fifty I’m have more x-rays and Mr. Dentist is tapping on teeth and me…I’m about to jump out of the chair!. Uh YEAH that hurts, right there that one!! Yup you know one of those root canals that I can put off for a tad, yeah not gonna happen. OH JOY OH JOY!

The upside of this is that until I’m on antibiotics for a couple of days, I can drink whiskey and put it all on the pain!! (Yay me for thinking that way.) Plus IF I can get past that pain, maybe the alcohol will spur the creative juices and I as a friend said, I can write some steamy scenes, (which I have to admit I am really shy about writing…CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? It’s true..)

For now, I’m gonna give that a try, cuddle with the kitten, because he says that kitten love is the best thing for pain, and  gonna go ignore that the right side of my face is throbbing mildly and see what my characters are up to today!


And remember,



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